Affiliate Link Manager F.A.Q

  • Why is this plugin important to the end user (what do they get out of it)?

Please read the Why Use an Affiliate Link Manager article.

  • What is the advantage of setting a keyword conversion limit and how do you do this?

If you have a post where the word “AWeber” is present 10 times and you convert all these keywords to your affiliate link then the post will look spammy. This is why you can specify a limit (eg. 2) so only two “AWeber” keywords out of ten will be converted to your affiliate links. You just set the limit in the “Settings” menu of this plugin.

  • What is a “nofollow” tag and why is it important?

“nofollow” tags are used for Search Engine Optimization purpose. Some affiliate marketers do not like to pass page rank from their site to the affiliate site so they like to use “nofollow” tags on the affiliate links. This page will explain “nofollow” tags in details:

  • Why would someone need to reverse the keyword to affiliate link conversion operation?

When you stop being an affiliate for a particular company for whatever reason, you can reverse the conversion for that particular affiliate links to stop promoting their products.

  • Can the Affiliate Link Cloaker plugin convert and cloak links in the sidebar widget and comment text?

Yes, the Affiliate Link Cloaker plugin can convert keywords and cloak affiliate links in your sidebar widget and comment text.

  • Does the Affiliate Link Cloaker plugin work on WordPress Multi-Site Install?

Yes, the Affiliate Link Cloaker plugin works on WordPress multi-site installs.