Sell Photos From WordPress Site Using Free Plugins

You have got a WordPress site and you want to sell photos from your WordPress site for free? In this tutorial I will cover how you can sell photos from your WordPress site for free.

The following screenshot show what we will be creating to sell the photos.

sell photos wordpress site

Setup Steps

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Install the NextGen Gallery Plugin

Download and install the NextGen gallery plugin.

Step 2: Install the simple WP shopping cart plugin

Download and install the free simple WP shopping cart plugin.

Step 3: Create Your Photo Gallery

  • If you haven’t created a photo selling gallery already, then go to the add new gallery menu under the NextGen Gallery plugin and upload your photos.
  • Go to the Manage Gallery menu and edit the gallery that you want to use to sell photos.
  • Add the following in the “Alt & Title Text/Description” area of each photo (adjust the name and price for each of the photos).
Photo 1
Price: $19.95
[wp_cart_button name=”My Photo 1″ price=”19.95″]

Step 4: Create Your Photo Selling Page

Create a WordPress page and insert the following shortcode in this page to show your photos to the site visitors.

Your users will be able to browse your photos then buy the one that they like. After the purchase, you simply ship the photo to your customer’s address:

[nggallery id=1 template=”wp-cart”]

In the above example, 1 is the gallery ID. You will need to use the correct gallery ID for your photo gallery.

We also have a premium plugin just for selling photos.

Note: We now provide technical support for our premium plugins via our customer only support forum

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