An Addon To Use Credit-Tokens To Sell Your Products
Transform Your Store By Adding The Benefits Of Credit-Tokens As Currency

With this addon you can now present an additional way for customers to pay for your products, example, customers can choose to pay with credit-tokens.

The Credit Token addon uses the eStore shopping cart and eMember plugins to leverage all of their amazing features.

You can sell with confidence knowing that your digital assets and transactions will be securely protected and delivered to your customers in a professional and secure way.

Psychological benefits of using credit-tokens to sell products

Researchers have found that online merchants like you will generally turn over more in sales when you sell your products using a credit-token system instead of the usual money-based methods.

This is because credits are not psychologically perceived the same way as money is. When credit tokens are substituted for money, hesitation and fear of spending money is removed.

Therefore, consumers are more inclined to proceed with a purchase when they are asked to pay with credit-tokens instead of money.

How it Works

  • Your visitor arrives at your site and wants to buy a product
    The Credit Token addon gives your visitor a choice of either using credits or money to buy the product. Let's assume they choose to pay with credit-tokens.
  • Your visitor is asked to buy credit-tokens before proceeding with the product purchase
    Credit-tokens can be purchased via the usual methods such as credit card, PayPal and other payment gateways or even with cash using a manual checkout system.
  • Automatic account creation after first purchase of credit-tokens
    When your customer buys credits for the first time, the Credit Token addon will automatically create an account for them with the prescribed amount of credit-tokens added to their balance.
  • Customer proceeds with product purchase using credit-tokens as the currency
    Your customer logs in with their account details and continues with the purchase using their credit-tokens.
  • Existing customers can use their account on an ongoing basis to purchase with credit-tokens or top-up their credit balance
    Your customers will be warned if they don't have enough credit to buy something and they will be presented with a link where they can purchase more credits. Customers can also check their balance by viewing a special profile page.

Addon Features

  • Flexibility and security of existing features of eStore and eMember
    The Credit Token addon uses the eStore shopping cart and eMember plugins to leverage all of their amazing features. Sell with confidence knowing that your digital assets and transactions will be securely protected and delivered to your customers in a professional and secure way.
  • Use your existing eStore products
    If you currently have an existing collection of products which you are already selling with eStore, you can add the ability to also sell these products via the credit-token system without the need to create extra products. This addon allows you to specify a credit purchase amount globally for all products using a settings menu, or you can individually set a credit/debit value on a per-product basis using the existing eStore product configuration page.
  • Give your customers the choice of buying with credits or money
    The beauty of this addon is that you can allow your customers to choose how they want to pay for your products, ie, Customers can choose to pay with credits or money.
  • Easily track credit/debit events via a user interface
    Credit/debit events and purchases can viewed via a handy administration page which displays a table with all of the useful information you should know about as the site owner.
  • Award credit points to your members when they pay recurring payment
    You can specify a credit point amount that will be awarded to the members when a recurring payment is charged for their account.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

How Can My Online Business Benefit From This Addon?

We already mentioned the psychological benefits this addon can create for your business... for example, substituting credit-tokens in place of money in your online store creates a completely different buying environment because of the more neutral associations people have towards credit-tokens versus the emotional attachments to money.

This is the reason why some of the big name online businesses which sell digital products use a credit-token system or something similar with which to sell their products. Another benefit is that your customers instantly become your members as a result of using the credit-token system, which has all sorts of future up-sell advantages for you as the product seller.

You Mentioned eStore and eMember Earlier... How Do They Fit In With This Addon?

The Credit Token addon was built to take full advantage of the powerful and flexible features of eStore and eMember. Both of these plugins are used in conjunction with the Credit Token addon - eStore provides the shopping cart functionality and eMember the membership capabilities. This addon extends the functionality of eStore and eMember and gives you the ability to facilitate item purchase via a credit system. Setting everything up is really quite straightforward, especially if you are already a user of eStore and/or eMember.

Is it possible to set up credit token purchases on a subscription basis?

It can give X credit tokens to a user every time a subscription is charged. So, for example, a customer who has subscribed to a special membership club can receive 5 credit tokens per month.

Will the user still be able to checkout without creating an account?

Yes, your users will still have the option to checkout as usual prior to adding the credit token addon to your site. However, this addon will allow you to enforce checkout via credit token only (if you wanted to set it up like that).

But I Don't Have eStore or eMember - Does That Mean Setting Everything Up Will Be Complicated?

If you're completely new to eStore and eMember then no problem because our easy to follow setup instructions, videos and other documentation will have you up and running in no time! Check out our Credit Token user guide for newbies

Minimum Requirement

1) You need to own a copy of the WP eStore pluign
2) You need to own a copy of the WP eMember pluign

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