WP PDF Stamper Installation and Usage Video Tutorials

1. WP PDF Stamper Installation

2. WP PDF Stamper Settings Configuration

3. WP PDF Stamper Testing Using Manual Stamp

4. WP PDF Stamper PayPal Button Integration

5. WP PDF Stamper and WP eStore Integration




  1. Aaron Topfer says:

    If the PDF file is located on Amazon s3, will the PDF Stamper still work?

  2. ivy says:

    @Aaron, No the file must be on your server. You can not modify files that are hosted on other servers this is a major security risk and is not allowed.

  3. AC says:

    Can pdf stamper be used on non WP site?

  4. ivy says:

    @AC Unfortunately our plugins can only be used on WordPress sites (self hosted .org).

  5. Anna says:

    Does the PDF Stamper work for bundled products?

  6. ivy says:

    @Anna, Yes it works with bundle products as long as you are using it with the eStore and the PDF files are unzipped. =)

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