WP eStore AddOns

This page has a list of all the Free WP eStore addons that can be used to extend the functionality of the eStore plugin.

Free WP eStore Addons

Extra eStore Shortcodes
Adds a whole bunch of extra shortcodes to the eStore plugin that you can use on your site.
eStore Order Management
The Order Management Addon plugin displays order information based on transaction id. This plugin will conveniently allow merchants to track and list all orders.
eStore Bulk Item Purchase
WP eStore Bulk Item Purchase addon allows you to display a list of products from a specified category. Your customer can enter quanity value next to the products they want to purchase then hit the “Add to Cart” button and it will add all the items in the shopping cart in one go.
eStore Members Only Download
The members only download button addon for eStore can be used to create buttons that lets the logged in members download the item(s). Non logged in users will be prompted to buy the item.
eStore Receipt Creator
The Receipt Creator Addon dynamically creates printable PDF receipts after the purchase of any product via WP eStore plugin.
eStore Post Payment Actions
The eStore Post Payment Actions addon is a useful utility plugin which can cater for various additional actions which a merchant may want to perform immediately following an eStore product sale.
eStore Tweet for Download
This addon allows website owners to offer a free downloadable eStore product in exchange for a tweet
eStore Browse Products by Category
The eStore browse products by category addon can be useful for users who have a lot of products and categories and want their visitors to be able to browse their products by categories.
eStore Advanced Variations UI
The standard variation control feature of eStore is very lightweight and works for most users. However, we have seen a few users making mistakes while configuring variations so we have created this addon which has a user friendly interface for creating product variations.
eStore Dynamic Coupons
The eStore Dynamic Coupons addon allows you to dynamically generate one time usage coupons for your customers after the purchase.
eStore Subscription Discount Coupon
This addon allows your customers to apply a coupon/discount on your PayPal subscription products
eStore Stylish Squeeze Form
Stylish Squeeze Form Addon allows you to create a nice looking squeeze form on your site using a shortcode
eStore Wysija Newsletters Integration
The eStore Wysija Newsletters integration addon allows you to add your eStore plugin customers to the Wysija list after a purchase.
eStore File Download Stats
Allows you to see which encrypted download links have been used by your users.
eStore Bulk Discount
Allows your customers to automatically receive a discount based on the number of items they are purchasing
eStore Mad Mimi Integration
You can use it to add customers to your Mad Mimi email list when someone purchase your product(s).
Bulk Quantity Shipping
The eStore Bulk Quantity Shipping addon allows the shopping cart to automatically apply a shipping amount based on the number of items a user is purchasing.
Self Re-Download Digital Products
This eStore addon allows your customers to re-download the digital products they purchased via a page.
Adwords Conversions
If you run Google Adwords campaigns and you want to know which of your keywords best leads to clicks and conversions, conversion tracking can help you
e-Commerce Tracking
The Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking addon allows you do ecommerce tracking for your product sales
Shortcode Inserter Addon
The shortcode inserter addon allows you to easily insert eStore shortcodes into your WordPress post/page editor.
Table Rate Tax
Table Rate Tax addon allows you to charge tax in the shopping cart based on the user’s country.
Card Default PayPal Option
Forces the credit card checkout option to be the default option on the PayPal checkout page
Table Tax by Item Types
Charge tax in the shopping cart based on the user’s country and type of items
Amount Based Shipping
Automatically apply a shipping amount to the cart based on a pre-configured price range
Download Now via Link
Allows you to use the functionality of the download now button using a simple link (instead of the shortcode)
Amazon S3 Integration
Allows you to securely store and deliver digital downloads using Amazon’s Simple Storage Service