A Post Where a Section of the Post is Protected

This post demonstrates how you can partially protect a post or page content. This post has a few sections  that are protected for different membership levels. The content in the top part of this post is viewable by anyone visiting the site but the middle section of the post that is protected can only be viewed by members with the right membership level.

This content is for members only.

Some open content in the middle that is accessible to anyone (you don’t have to be a member to see this content. However, the following paragraph is only accessible to silver members.

This content is for members only.

An Example of Full Page Lockdown

You can also fully lockdown some of your WordPress pages using the specific page lockdown feature.

When a page is fully locked down and an anonymous visitor lands on that page, he will see nothing but a login prompt only (he will also be able to become a member by clicking on the “join us” link). Only your logged in members will be able to see any content of a fully locked down page.

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