How to Create Banners or Text Links for Affiliates to Use

Creating image banners or text links for your products or services is very easy with the Affiliate plugin.

Why Create Ad Banners or Text Links?

Well, it helps your affiliates with the product promotion… they can just copy and paste a bit of code to start promoting your products on their website.

After you configure some ads, your affiliates will be able to log into their affiliate portal and see ad code specific for their account. They will be able to use the ad code to send traffic to your website.

How to Create a Simple Affiliate Link

Creating a simple affiliate link just a matter of taking the link and adding the affiliate ID at the end of the link like the following:

“tips21″ is the affiliate ID in the above example. You can now send this link via email and whenever anyone clicks on this link and lands on the site, the clicks will be recorded against the affiliate whose affiliate ID is “tips21″.

If you are linking to a particular post or page (e.g. a Sales Page) then it will look similar to the following:

Now, if you want to make a text link to be used on a site then you just need to know how to select a bit of text and turn it into a link. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a text link from the “Add/Edit Ads” menu of the plugin and it will automatically create the HTML code for you that you can just copy and paste (See the following section).

How to Create Ads for Your Affiliate

You will need two key pieces of information when you want to create a text link or an image banner.

  • The URL of the landing page (Target URL)
  • Image URL (the image to be used as the banner) or Anchor text (for text links)

Browse to the “Add/Edit Banners” menu of the WP Affiliate Platform plugin and fill in the required fields to create your banners. The following video tutorial shows how to create a banner or text link:

How to Handle Banners Ads if You Have Lots of Products

How to Create Creatives for Your Affiliates

See the creatives creation video tutorial.


  1. admin says:

    @Charly, Please see the following page (it should answer your question):

  2. Charly says:

    Hi! I purchased your plugin and love it together with your support!
    I wonder if i can upload to wp/media some html5 or flash banner and let the plugin point to it to manage the link of the affiliates. Thank you for support!

  3. Ivy says:

    @ Paul, Yes the Affiliate Platform will track the sale across your site. So for example if they land on your homepage and click to 10 different pages then checkout the sale will still be tracked.

  4. Paul says:

    If I give someone an affiliate link to my home page, does that cover them for all pages on the site? To be clear, some one signs up as an affiliate and my site is

    Can I put products on multiple pages and my affiliate get a credit if users go and buy different things from different pages?


    Paul (sorry if thats a stupid question)

  5. admin says:

    You need to place a “/” character after the “.com”, “.net”, “.org” etc domain names which is why the “/” character is there in the first example. If it makes it easier for you… both of the following links are correct and will work:

    You can choose the one that doesn't confuse you and stick with that one.

  6. luco says:

    In your examples, you use :
    with a “/” after le page url (: “”).
    In the second example, it’s :
    so without the “/” (just the “?”).
    Is there a difference ?
    I’d like to be sure before sending and email to Affiliates explaining them how to use those very simple links.
    Thank you !

  7. Pamela says:

    Great plugin and great tutorial on how to use it!


    P.S. Nice voice over Kirk 😉

  8. ryan says:

    i think this is the coolest plugin ever. we’re using it to run a contest and reward the top refering individuals. we already use the estore plugin to generate thousands in sales every month. so simple – thank you!

    i would like to have the helper plugin for subdomains if you can send it to my email? also any one else out there using this for a similar purpose and want to share tactics? i have subscribed to followup emails so post here and i will see the response.

  9. admin says:

    The cookie from one domain cannot be accessed from another domain for security reasons. If you want to track clicks and commissions from all your other WordPress installs (from different domains) using one install of the affiliate plugin you can do the following:

    We have developed a small helper plugin that you place on your sub-domain/other wordpress installs and it will communicate with the main plugin installed on the main site to track clicks and sales remotely.

    Let me know if this method will help and I will send you the helper plugin so you can give it a try.

  10. Rob says:

    my wife currently has a site with the wp estore and affiliate page on it – site A, but now I have set up a dedicated site with a new domain to promote a particular ebook – Site B. Site B refers all buyers to the Site A estore. Site A still promotes the ebook too, and syndicates this promotional content to site B.
    Site B just offers a bit more information about the product and has better SEO for this product.

    My question is, if I put site B links in my ads and creatives, will the affiliate ID be lost?
    If so is there a simple way to manage products across more than one domain?


  11. admin says:

    @Donna, I am not really sure about that either. Can’t confirm on a 3rd party plugin as I don’t use it myself.

  12. Donna says:

    Thanks for another great plugin… With adding links automatically in the creatives using xxxx — will this function work if I am using WP Adhoc Affiliate Mailer plugin?? I already have affiliates that have signed up so I can’t easily test this plugin, without emailing everyone. I couldn’t find detailed info about this add-on other than the two plugins work together.

  13. remcok says:

    cool, thanks for the help!

  14. admin says:

    The user don’t have to manually enter their affiliate ID.

    Use XXXX in the creative and the plugin will dynamically insert the affiliate ID where the “XXXX” character is found.

    For example, You can use the following and “XXXX” will be replaced with the affiliate who is copying the code:

    <a href=””>Some Product</a>

  15. remcok says:

    is it possible to add the affiliates link into the creatives automaticly?

    right now the user has to manually add their link into the code part in order to receive payment from products sold through their site. while with the banners/links the users personal link gets added automaticly.. something possible like %USER% ?

  16. Gavriel says:

    I’m looking for an affiliate program that creates SEO friendly affiliate links. How does the WP Aff Platform plugin work for SEO purposes? thanks.

  17. admin says:

    @Dino, When your affiliate log into their account there is a section on the home page that looks like the following:

    Your Affiliate Link:

    That’s all they need (no need to do any thinking). If you want to see how it looks please login to the demo affiliate view explained on this page (see the “Plugin Demo” section):

    regarding the rotator page… yes the affiliate will still carry on.

  18. dino says:

    I understand what the affiliate link is…It just would be nice if it could already create the plain link in their banners area..Not with the no target attached.Do you understand what I am saying? i want it to be easy for affiliate to copy and paste…not have to create a video that shows them to take out target area and the rest is what they need to send out an email.

    also..another question. a prospect clicks on an affiliate link….they are then directed through a rotator which rotates between 2 sales pages..Will the cookie and affiliate still carry, and will they still track and receive a commission? Please try to answer both questions, so that I and you do not have to go back and reclarify. Thanks!

  19. admin says:

    @dino, have you read the very first line of the “How to Create a Simple Affiliate Link” section? It says the following is your simple affiliate link (thats it there is no need to create links or nothing):

    tips21 is the affiliate ID in the above example.

  20. dino says:

    it shows how to create a text link…but i want affiliates just to copy and paste the link not one that has target…

    This is how i would like link: thats it…
    Is there a way to create, or is the dreaded target aways going to be included

  21. Jessica Davis says:

    Ahhhh! That worked, you’re awesome and so are your plugins. Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. admin says:

    Hi Jessica, From your description it seems like the database tables didn’t get created properly. can you please try deactivating and reactivating the plugin? Please let me know if you get any error at activation time.

  23. Jessica Davis says:

    Hi! I purchased and downloaded your affiliate plugin and so far I’m doing good with the setup, but I was trying to create a new text link and banner and it says the link and banner was created, but when I go to “manage banners” nothing is there. Can you help me troubleshoot?

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