How to Use the Serial/License Key Code Selling Feature

WP eStore plugin has a serial/license key code selling feature that can help you in the following scenarios:

  • If your product needs to issue a serial number from a pool of serial numbers to each customer upon purchase.
  • If your product needs to issue a license key from a pool of pre-generated license keys to each customer upon purchase.
  • If you are selling tickets and you need to give a ticket number (from a pool of pre-generated ticket numbers) to each customer upon purchase.


How To Use this Feature

Step 1: Generate your key codes/license codes/ticket numbers (you can generate as many as you want). These key codes that you generated should be separated by comma (,).

Example: The following is an example of 9 key codes that are separated by comma.

ABC18-CODE22, XCMEY-TJSTA, 123y0b9y7v, L363DC23, 1234567, Maiv882#i2, TICKET#1, TICKET#2, TICKET#3

Step 2: Specify the generated key codes separated by comma in the “Your Codes” field when creating an eStore product

WP eStore Specify Key Codes for a Product

Step 3: Use the following email tag in the “Buyer Email Body” field of eStore’s settings. The serial key will be inserted at that spot of the buyer email when a customer purchase the product.


All done! Now, when a customer purchase a product that is using the serial key codes feature explained above, eStore will issue one key to this customer and update the database so the next customer will get the next key code.

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