WP eStore Quick Setup and Usage Video Tutorial

1. WP eStore Installation

2. WP eStore Quick Setup, Product Creation and Basic Testing

WP eStore Advanced/Additional Video Tutorials

The advanced eStore video tutorials can be found at the following link:

Note: These video tutorials are available in our customer only forum.

Miscellaneous Basic eStore Tutorials

A. WP eStore Settings Configuration

B. How to Configure a Product

C. Display a Product on a Post or Page

D. How to Use Product Display Templates

E. Using a Link To Sell Your Item

F. Hide a WordPress Page So It Does Not Appear on the Navigation Menu

How to Hide a WordPress Page

You can also follow the navigation menu customization tutorial to learn more on customizing your navigation menu.

If you want to see more video tutorials then please leave your suggestion in the comment section below.

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  1. Kaarin says:

    Thank you for this simple and elegant product. This plugin has solved the issue of protected digital download; a problem I’ve been puzzling over for months!


  2. Angela M. says:

    Just wanted to stop in and say I purchased this a minute ago and it works like a dream. Thank you so much for such a powerful plugin.

  3. Just bought this plugin last night… this is exactly what I was looking for! The tutorials helped me get up and running in under 20 minutes… thanks for taking the time to make them!

  4. Fantastic video tutorials! I just purchased WP eStore. Great plugin. Just what I needed. I will be sure to recommend your services to others.
    Thank You,

  5. Lin Elliott says:

    OMG! I am so very, very happy I found your site. In the short while since discovering all your wonderful products and tutorials I have finally been able to get the hang of wordpress.


    Coach Lin

  6. What a great plugin. Recommended by our web guy, who was quickly able to show me (a complete novice) how to use it. Thanks.


  7. Ivy says:

    @ Darren, the feature you are looking for can be found in the admin functions menu in the eStore. You can regenerate links and send the original email with the links from here.

  8. Darren says:

    How do I resend a digital download after the maximum number of clicks on the download link has expired?
    This would be useful if a customer has had difficulty access the download.


  9. Ivy says:

    Hi Max, If you use the following shortcode it will just show the “Add to Cart Button”


    Let me know if this is not what you are looking for. =)

  10. max says:

    Just like to know whether i can only add “add to cart button” without title, description and thumb. thanks

  11. admin says:

    @Cass, Have a look at this page:

    Look for the following section on that page:

    How to Use the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Subscribe’ button on a Standalone HTML page

  12. Cass Tyson says:

    Is it possible to setup a “Buy Now” button that would work on third party web site, for example, in a WSO on the Warrior Forum?

    I created a product and set it up on my site, all fine and dandy. I created a fancy Buy Now button, all well and good. It seems to work OK on my site.

    But now I want to be able to have that link work directly from the WSO thread I post on the WF. All I need is the code for the link — where would I find that?

  13. Ivy says:

    Hi Elizabeth, Please see the following post: http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/ecommerce/wordpress-estore-miscellaneous-tweaks-215

    Please see the following section: How to Display the MP3 Tracks as Preview

    Also the following article will explain more about selling MP3’s: http://www.wordpress-ecommerce.com/how-to-sell-mp3-from-a-wordpress-site-619

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Is there a way to automatically have a clip of the mp3 show up to give the customer a sense of what it’s about and then compel them to purchase after they’ve heard that little snippet?

  15. Elizabeth says:

    The videos are great! They made setting up a store very simple. Thank you for taking the time to put them together. My store will be up and running soon!

  16. Ivy says:

    Hi Andrew, Thank you for letting us know. We are working on this now. We use Vimeo and it looks like they have made some changes that have caused this issue to happen. This should be corrected shortly.

  17. Andrew says:

    hi admin, when i got wp-store, it look easy but when i came here none of ur video isnt available

  18. admin says:

    Hi Lunie, Did you run a test transaction with the debug option enabled so we can find out where it’s failing? This link will explain it in details:


    Let me know how you go with this.

  19. Lunie says:

    i bought this program, and i have set it and i even made the thank you page but the links that the people purchsed are not coming to their email and they are not showing up on the thank page.

  20. Ivy says:

    Hi Simon, You can find all the shortcodes for the eStore here:


    You can copy the shortcodes from the PDF.

  21. Simon says:

    I can’t read the text to place on the page to have the shopping cart appear in the page. It would be helpful if it was placed in a reply so we could cut and paste. Thanks

  22. dalia says:

    Thank you sooo much for this wonderful plugin! thanks to you I am in business now, and how easy to configure, that girl with her calm and sexy voice made things look so EASY! thank you! thank you! thank you!

    Dalia – Dallas TX

  23. Ivy says:

    Hi Derek, Can you please send me a link to where this problem is happening so I can take a look at it?


  24. Derek says:

    When I click my buy-now button, it doesn’t do anything – it’s like it just reloads the same page. Any ideas? Thanks.

  25. Ivy says:

    Hi Dianne, I am not sure how this plugin works. Can you explain what this plugin does? And how you need it to integrate? You can also send me a link to the plugins site.


  26. I used eBook Pro to write my books. How do I integrate this with WPe Store?

  27. Ivy says:

    Hi Sandy, You can edit this but you will still only get 25 chars. from Paypal. Paypal only allows 25 chars to be sent at a time. There is an option for the customer when checking out to send special instruction up to 255 chars. before they submit their payment in Paypal. Is it possible for you to use this option?


  28. Sandy says:

    Thanks for your answer, Ivy — can you clarify a little bit more? what I was asking about was if that limit can be changed for the input in the customer input field. We have a group of print publications for which we sell ads with a 40 word limit. I’d like to have the customers enter their ad text right in that field. So, I’d like to know if the php is easily editable to limit the number of words — or characters; would also like to know what the default limit is. Thank you!

  29. Ivy says:

    Hi Sandy, The input field gets passed to paypal so there is a character limit on it.


  30. Sandy says:

    This looks very good so far! Thinking about purchasing.

    Question about the Customer Input field: Is there a limit on the number of words or characters that I could change in the code without too much trouble?


  31. Ivy says:

    Hi Jimmy, Our shopping cart plugins are created mainly for digital products. You can use them to sell real products as long as you have simple shipping needs. The eStore has many more features and functions then the simple shopping cart. You can read more about what the eStore can do here: http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/ecommerce/wp-estore-documentation

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


  32. Jimmy says:

    I need something to handle physical products only. I’m currently using your Simple PayPal Shopping Cart Plugin. I like the look of this better though. It feels a little slicker.

    I can’t seem to make the “Simple Cart” work within my narrow sidebar.

    Would you recommend I use this over the other plugin?
    Is it true that it has more features- Even though I only sell physical products?


  33. Kim says:

    Thanks Ivy. I have actual products so this wouldn’t really apply to me. But, it would be awesome to have a workaround or perhaps another plugin that allows for bulk upload when you have physical products 😉 I’d gladly pay for one. This plugin is GREAT!!! Blows wp-ecommerce out of the water 😉 Keep up the good work!

  34. Ivy says:

    Hi Kim, At this time you can not bulk upload products. This article will explain more about this: http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/forum/topic/why-configure-every-product-separately-when-used-with-nextgen-gallery


  35. Kim says:

    Great plugin so far! Very easy and user friendly. I was wondering if it’s possible to bulk upload products then customize the information like nextgen buy now feature?

  36. Ivy says:

    Hi Patrick, You can only limit the time the download is available for. You can not limit the amount of clicks. You can regenerate download links for you products if you need to. This can be done in the “Admin” function menu.


  37. Patrick says:

    Also, is there a way to reactivate a download code or send a free replacement code if the original link either fails or expires too soon?

    Thanks again.

  38. Patrick says:


    This plugin seems almost perfect. I’m soooo close to buying it.

    However, one question: I see you can set an download link to be active for a specified number of hours. But can you set the number of times a link can be clicked on in order to prevent it from being passed around before its expiration time?


  39. Tom says:

    I found my answer in the “eStore Miscellaneous Tweaks”. By the way, where does one go to manipulate the php files? It mentions “Template Files”. Where are they located? The “Page Exclude” plug-in looks mighty inviting. Maybe I’ll go that way.

  40. Tom says:

    Hey Guys, thanks for such great and prompt support for your products. I’ve got a question. How can I prevent the “Thank You” page (and other pages that are not necessary and are unsightly) from showing up on my website menu buttons. If I make, for example, the “Thank You page a “Draft” It doesn’t show up in the menu buttons, but it is no longer functional. This page holds the download link to my mp3 product. If this page is not published “public” and visible on my site, there is no download link (other than on the email the customer receives confirming the sale). So is it possible to clean up the unnecessary pages showing on the menu buttons and keep the functionality?

  41. Ivy says:

    Hi Kenny, Unfortunately the WP Auto Player can not be added to the fancy display option.


  42. Kenny says:


    I just purchased estore. Awesome plug-in! Quick question… Is there anyway to add the wp audio player inside the fancy cart? I was able to place the audio player code next to the regular cart, but would really like to use with the fancy cart.


  43. Ivy says:

    Hi Mike, It sounds like your PHP session is not working properly. Please read the follow forum thread: http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/forum/topic/shopping-cart-empty This will explain how to fix this issue.

    Let me know how it goes.


  44. Mike says:

    When add my product and I click on check out and am redirected to paypal I see a message that says my shopping cart is empty? Any idea what would cause this

  45. Ivy says:

    Perry, We are looking into adding this feature in the future. We are adding features all the time to our plugins.

  46. julie says:

    Hi there! Was wondering if there is any advantage to using products or posts for products. I’m in the beginning phase of setting this up and was just curious since I can’t think of any real advantage for one over the other. Any thoughts anyone? Thanks!

  47. Perry says:

    Just downloaded the product and started using it. Like what I see so far.

    One enhancement that would be nice would be the ability to copy an existing product. All my products are the same except for the title. This would save a ton of time.

  48. admin says:

    @Cynara, it’s because you are using the latest version of eStore and the video tutorial was done a while back when it didn’t have all the features your version does.

  49. Cynara says:

    hi, I am trying to get started using your estore plugin, but as I am running through the tutorials, I am finding my installed version looks quite different from those on the video demo. Is this because I am running version 2.9 of WP?

  50. admin says:

    Those are PayPal subscription variables. You can see the complete definition of those variables here:


    a1 = Trial period 1 price. For a free trial period, specify 0.
    p1 = Trial period 1 duration.
    t1 = Trial period 1 units of duration (eg. day, month).

  51. Cindi says:

    I figured out how to export and import using phpmyAdmin. There are some fields that I cannot relate back to the product set up screens. Is there documentation available that explains how the various fields are used? esp. a1, p1, t1, etc?

  52. admin says:
  53. Vik says:

    Admin, Where can i download the – cForms2 plugin ? Can you provide link or email me the plugin… thanks

  54. Ivy says:

    Cindi, Using an Excel spreadsheet is not available. The following table is the table you can modify if you need to:

  55. Cindi says:

    I would like to manage my products using an excel spreadsheet because a lot of my items will have similar data. Does this exist?

    If not, what tables do I need to modify?

  56. admin says:

    Hi Chris, the videos are stored on Viddler.. not sure if they let you download it.

  57. Chris says:


    The videos are excellent thank you for taking the time to produce them. They look like they are done on a MAC. Is there anyway to download them to my pc?


  58. admin says:

    @jhe, There is not API to create/add products. Your suggestion is good though… i will have to think about what can be done.

  59. admin says:

    @Vik, I use cForms2 plugin for my contact forms

  60. jhe says:

    Hi, is there a simple API of some sort for Adding/Editing products?

    I am using a plugin(TDOForms) that allows me/my blog authors/members to upload a file – the uploaded file can be assigned to a custom-field so I am able to access the Download URL which I would use for the Download URL for WP-estore.

    How can I somehow integrate an upload function so that WP-estore auto-creates the Product?

    TDOForms also creates a Post after the user uploads the file.

    It would be amazing if there was an upload feature or API. Is this possible?

    Thank you.

  61. Vik says:

    What contact plugin do you use. I want to use the same, maybe a compatibility issue with the estore plugin, so had a problem with my present plugin. Thanks

  62. admin says:

    You do not need to configure any products in PayPal when you use the WP eStore plugin.

    You don’t need to use PayPal’s shipping option either if you want to just charge flat rate shipping for your physical items (eStore can do flat rate shipping for you). you can use PayPal’s profile based shipping when you want to use complex shipping options such as:

    1) Calculate shipping based on the total weight of all the products in the cart
    2) Calculate shipping based on the delivery location etc.

    The shipping calculation documentation page explains this in details:


  63. RevTrev says:

    I’m wondering how you handle shipping. Can this be done like a flat rate in Paypal? Do I need to configure products in Paypal in order for this to work?(Will Paypal know what items are ordered or will it only receive a $ amount?

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