WP eStore Shortcodes and Functions Reference

This page has all the available Shortcodes and PHP functions that you can use to create various buy buttons, download buttons, shopping carts, product details etc. in various ways. Read through the list of shortcodes so you know all the product selling power you have when using this plugin.

WP eStore Standard Shortcodes List

The following PDF file has a list of all the standard shortcodes available in the WP eStore core plugin.

See the following section (Extra Shortcodes) for additional eStore shortcodes.

Extra Shortcodes Addon

Some people just like to go nuts with WordPress shortcodes and there is nothing wrong with that :). So if you are not satisfied with the default set of shortcodes that come with the WP eStore plugin then download and install the “Extra WP eStore Shortcodes” addon plugin and you will have access to many more cool shortcodes.

First, check the list of shortcodes and other functions that will be available to you when you use the extra shortcodes addon plugin from the PDF file below:

If you see a shortcode that you want to use then download the extra shortcodes addon from the addon download area of our customer only support forum

Feel free to make a suggestions for shortcodes that you need and we will try to add it in.

Available Email Tags

The following tags can be used in the “Email Body” of the email that is sent out after a purchase (the tags will be replaced with the value dynamically):

  • {first_name} – First name of the buyer
  • {last_name} – Last name of the buyer
  • {payer_email}- Buyer email address
  • {product_details} – Lists the item name (with variation), quantity, currency and price of every purchased item.
  • {product_name} – Name of the purchased products (comma separated)
  • {product_link} – List of purchased products and corresponding encrypted download links for the products.
  • {product_link_digital_items_only} – List of purchased digital items with encrypted download links (The item is only listed if the product has a downloadable file)
  • {product_price} – Price of the purchased products (comma separated)
  • {product_id} – Product IDs of the purchased products (comma separated)
  • {download_life} – Duration the download links are valid for.
  • {shipping_info} – Buyer’s shipping address
  • {shipping_option_selected} – The selected shipping variation for the transaction
  • {product_specific_instructions} – Add the product specific instructions (e.g password for a PDF file) specified in the product to the email body.
  • {purchase_date} – The date of the purchase.
  • {transaction_id} – The unique transaction ID of the purchase.
  • {purchase_amt} – The amount paid for the current transaction.
  • {total_tax} – Total tax amount for this transaction.
  • {total_shipping} – Total shipping amount for this transaction.
  • {total_minus_total_tax} – The total amount minus the total tax.
  • {coupon_code} – The coupon code that was used in the transaction.
  • {counter} – A numeric counter. Each time you make a sale this counter goes up by 1.

Note: We now provide technical support for our premium plugins via our customer only support forum


  1. admin says:

    @Donna, You can do a few things in your product configuration:

    1) Use the “Button Redirect Target URL” field to specify the details page of the product. When you use this field, it make the add to cart button simply redirect to the page URL you specify
    2) You can also add HTML Links in your product description (the description field can take HTML).
    3) Use the “Product Page URL” field to specify the product details page. It will make the product name link to that page (when you use a display template) . We do this on our products page: http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/products
    4) You could also link the thumbnail image to go to your details page by using the “Thumbnail Target URL” field.

  2. Donna says:

    How can I put a For More Details button to link to the main product page? I’m using code for categories and put a For More Details button in the main add products section. On the product description page, I used the code to customize a button because that’s where I want people to actually add to the cart. However, the customized button doesn’t override the button put in the add/edit products page as per the instructions. How can I accomplish this? I don’t want people adding to the cart before they read about the product on the product page description.


  3. Ivy says:

    @Amanda, Either one of these shortcode should be what you are looking for.

    If you want the cart to show all the time.

    Display the shopping cart on a post or page

    If you want the cart to only show when it is not empty.

    Display the shopping cart on a post or page but the
    cart is visible only when there are items in the cart

  4. Amanda says:

    What is the exact shortcode for to mimic the “WP cart for digital products” widget? I want the same exact code to show on all sidebars, but the widget provided with eStore only allows for one widget use. I have multiple sidebars. The shortcodes you provide are not exactly the same and only show the basket occasionally.

    I tried [wp_eStore_display_compact_cart show_empty=1
    show_sub_total=1 show_title=1 show_cart_image=1]

  5. Ivy says:

    @Peter, All you need to do is copy the shortcode you want from the following PDF file and paste it on the page where you want it to be displayed.


  6. Peter says:

    Thanks your answer, about extra shortcodes. I downloaded it, and that is in the plugins, and I activated it. But how can I use it in the page?



  7. admin says:

    Yeah, there is an option for this already. The above shortcode that you explained will work.

  8. Alan says:

    How about a category listing with a no price option? Is that possible already? Something like this: [wp_eStore_category_products_fancy id=1 style=9 order=1 type=4 showprice=0] Thanks!

  9. Ivy says:

    @Brent, in the extra shortcodes plugin there are search shortcodes. You can find them in the list above “Download a PDF version of the available Extra WP eStore Shortcodes”.

  10. Is there a short code for store navigation?

  11. Ivy says:

    @ACD, We have many pre-made display options which can be found here:


    Displays such as Fancy 3,5 and 6 can be used to create a grid view.

    Also there is an option to use NextGen Gallery:


  12. ACD says:

    Hi, Have you added a way to display products in a simple grid view? It seems to me that this would be something everyone would want.
    Please let me know.

  13. Ivy says:
  14. Kelly Vaughn says:

    Do you have a visual example of what the different shortcodes look like when applied to a product? For example. I want to know the difference between a fancy display and a non-fancy display? And how style 1 is different than style 2, style 3, etc. I can test out each option and refresh the page, but it would be really handy to have a visual reference. Do you have anything like that?

  15. Ivy says:

    Hi Wendy, What version of the eStore are you using?

  16. Wendy says:

    Hi there, the [wp_eStore_download_link_sender] shortcode doesn’t work for me. I have the plugin installed but the form does not show up. Is there anything I can do about that?

  17. admin says:

    @David, you can use any type of button with any type of style using the following shortcode:

    [wp_eStore_fancy_display id=1 type=1 style=1]

    Please check the extra shortcodes plugin for this.

  18. David Hamilton says:

    Sorry. I truncated my own commentl by mistake. Let me try again.

    I would love to see the fancy2 BUY NOW button code. The code for the BUY NOW fancy1 is [wp_eStore_buy_now_fancy id=1] but I would love to see it with the fancy2 option as well.

    I am enjoying setting up the cart for the first time. Thanks.

  19. David Hamilton says:

    I would love to see the fancy2 BUY NOW button code. This is the code for the BUY NOW

  20. Ivy says:

    Hi Vinnie, Did you set a “Product Page URL” in the “Add/Edit Products Menu” under “additional product details”?

  21. Vinnie says:

    I have added the additional shortcodes and have requested that a list of products from a category be displayed on a page. (http://vitality-naturally.com/?page_id=645) using the command [wp_eStore_category_products_fancy id=1 style=3

    Problem is that when you click on the Details button it doesnt bring you anywhere.
    Same thing happens when I use ([wp_eStore_list_categories]) to display all categories.

    Any ideas?



  22. scotty777 says:

    Regarding the topic of free downloads I am curious if the following work (see admin response to Diane Jan 14th2010)

    Set up a page with direct download links for the freebies as you indicated BUT use WP-Members to force registration in order to access the page? You could also add Aweber Integration plugin and also get the registration over to Aweber autoresponder.

    One other option which might be something to consider is allow product detail to allow for a Manual Checkout Only ? That would at least get you a full set of information on the potential customer and check of autoresponder in the manual gateway.

    The reason is that it might be nice to have categories set up as FREEWARE and thus use the wonderful formating options of eStore… Something to consider I suppose. Anyway…. Thanks for a GREAT plugin !!!

  23. Sandra says:

    The estore plugin allows you to show a field that’s for an affiliate ID. Is the affiliate ID the same as their user ID?


  24. Tony Norella says:

    yes i finally figured that one out.. it would be very nice if there were a little comment above that field saying html allowed or at the very least somewhere in the documentation..

  25. Ivy says:

    Hi, Did you use </br> for the line breaks? You need to use HTML for this.

    Let me know how it goes.

  26. Tony Norella says:

    i can’t seem to get the fancy style description to format correctly.. i inputed the description on the product and formatedd by hitting carriage retun when needed and it looks good there – but when you go to the site, there are no line breaks and everything runs together.. did i miss something?

  27. Ivy says:

    Hi Kim, I think Fancy 3 would be the closets to what you are looking to do. You can view all the fancy displays here:


  28. Kim says:

    Ivy, Can I do a grid style of categories instead of the “Fancy” display?


  29. Fran says:


  30. admin says:

    @Fran, I will add one in.

  31. fran says:

    Need a short code or plug in that creates a DROPDOWN of categories…I’ve got 20 cats and it takes up too much sidebar space. Thanks.

  32. Geli says:

    Thank you Ivy for your reply. Yes, I figured this out.. Was just hoping customers/clients would have been able to do that as they are adding the items to the cart.

    Still, it’s a great plugin. Thank you.


  33. Ivy says:

    Hi Geli, They should just be able to change the quantity they way to purchase in the cart after it has been added.

  34. Geli says:

    Hi there!

    I am trying to figure out how to allow a customer have multiples of the same.

    e.g. I offer coaching services (amongst other things). So, I like to show a base unit session for a specific price, but if the customer wants to buy e.g. 5 sessions, I’d like them to just add the amount of sessions they would require – or would they have to buy the base session 5 times by clicking on it 5 times …

    Thank you,


  35. Ivy says:

    Hi Michael, This email tag was recently added, I believe you just need an update to fix this issue. You can find out more about how updates work here: http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/forum/topic/how-and-when-do-you-get-an-update

  36. Hi Ivy,

    the email shortcode {product_details} doesn´t seem to work. It doesn´t print anything else but {product_details} and not the details of the product. Any idea why this can be?


  37. Leeann says:

    Awesome. Thanks Ivy!

  38. Ivy says:

    Hi Leeann, I believe you need to specify a button image for this product. You can do this under the “Add/Edit” products menu for that product. The “Button Image URL” field is under “Additional Product Details “. Once you add a button image this should fix the problem you are having.

  39. Leeann says:

    I love this plug-in! Well done.

    I’m trying to provide a simple free digital download on my site, but I get no download button image. What simple thing have I missed?

    The tag i’m using is [wp_eStore_free_download:product_id:2:end]

    Many thank,

  40. admin says:

    If you post your code on the forum then I will be able to take a look at it and tell you what it needs:


  41. Aaron says:

    Hi. im trying to put a background behind a squeeze page in my sidebar, I’m not doing something right though, what code should i be using?

  42. Ivy says:

    Hi Kelly, The plugin uses the email address from PayPal. You can changes these emails if you need to in the “Manage Customers” menu. If you would like a comma separated list of the email you can also do this under the “Manage Customers” menu option number 3.

    You can have a text field where the customer can enter in information that will be sent to you but there is a limit of characters and the email address maybe cut off.

    Maybe a note on the Thank you page that says your product will be delivered to your PayPal email address or if you need to change this address please contact us.


  43. hey there…i’m setting up my estore now (LOVE your product…it is so great), and i have a question regarding customer email addresses…i like to keep track of these. if someone purchases my edownload products (and they pay via paypal), how do i get a list of their emails? what if they’re real email is different than their paypal one? does this program ask (or CAN it ask) for their email in the one step check out process?

  44. Ivy says:

    Hi Tanya, I am glad the checkout page is working fine now.

    1.) Yes you need IPN turned on. You can make the URL whatever you would like as the eStore will override this and tell PayPal where to send the IPN. This should fix your link problem. If not please send me a link to the test product and I will take a look at it.

    2.) In the main setting of the plugin you can change the from email address. You will need to make sure the “Use WordPress Mailing System” is unchecked and that “From Email Address*” is correct. This should fix this problem.

    If this is not what you are looking for please let me know.


  45. Tanya Kersey says:

    Thanks Ivy. That worked perfectly and my Checkout page is fine now.

    I have 2 more problems though.

    (1) I created a .01 test product and when it was completed it didn’t automatically send me to the page I specified in the settings. When I clicked return to merchant I got a Post Form error message. Should I have IPN turned on or off in PayPal and if on, what’s the IPN URL? Or is this caused by a completely different problem.

    (2) The email sent to the customer came from WordPress, not my name.

    Thanks for your help.


  46. Ivy says:

    Hi Tanya, You can find a list of all the eStore shortcodes here: http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/ecommerce/wp-estore-shortcodes-and-functions-reference-460

    I believe one of the following shortcodes is what you are looking for:

    [wp_eStore_cart] Display the shopping cart on a post or page

    [wp_eStore_cart_when_not_empty] Display the shopping cart on a post or page but the cart is visible only when there are items in the cart

    Let me know if you need anything else.


  47. Tanya says:

    Help! I’ve got everything working good so far but for the life of me I don’t understand what to put on the checkout page to make it work. Is it a shortcode?


  48. Tommy says:

    I’m already using this plugin with two of my websites and a third is coming soon.
    Since I’m using custom themes and post templates it would be very helpful if you could add tags for single elements such as [eStore_element_name:id:1:end] for product name, description, thumb, image etc.
    This way I could place them as I like in the post.


  49. Ellen says:

    HI Ivy,

    I figured it out and it works beautifully now!
    Wordpress was automatically placing paragraph tags before and after the shortcode – once i removed those it all works :o) <>


  50. Ivy says:

    Hi Ellen, The following article will explain more on how to use categories: http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/ecommerce/wordpress-estore-product-categorization-431

    Let me know how it goes and if this helps you.


  51. Ellen says:


    I can get the all products to show but when I try to use the shortcode for the categories to show nothing shows.

    Any idea what I am doing wrong?
    The shortcode I was using is: [wp_eStore_category_products:category_id:2:end]

  52. admin says:

    Hi Michael, There is no shortcode for a bestselling list but it’s coming.

  53. Michael says:


    Is there no shortcode or other way to display a list of bestselling products? Seems like something that would be a commonly requested feature, and easy to implement since the plugin already keeps a count of sales for each product, but I’ve searched the site and can’t find any reference to it.


  54. Dianne says:

    Well exactly that is an option, as I mentioned. I am sure you can see where entering the data to the shop format would be somewhat easier than having to write html for each free item. It makes it more of a streamlined process of product entry rather than hard coding each individual freebie into the page. Easier to track, easier to set up, easier to move or remove, etc. There are different mind sets about freebies and I need to decide, I suppose, which one applies to me and proceed accordingly. Thanks for your time! I am loving the cart! :)

  55. admin says:

    Hi Dianne, nope, the download button’s can’t be displayed in the fancy option. To be honest with you, the whole reason for having encrypted time limited download links is to protect the security of your digital asset. If you are giving you away for free (I mean absolutely free) then why not just have a direct download link like I have for all my free plugins (e.g. http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/?p=768 )

  56. Dianne says:

    (ETA worst case scenario is that I don’t run the freebies through the cart at all, which is also an option. :) )

  57. Dianne says:

    Working on this and having loads of fun! I love word press and now this plug in. Hey, is there any way to have a fancy box to show all the products in a category, but have it display a download now button instead of an add to cart? I plan to have a small freebie section that I would like to avoid administering in the cart (for obvious reasons). You can see what it looks like right now – http://www.diannerigdon.com/design/shop/freebies – very confusing to the customer, I am sure. I need to either have them use manual check out and somehow have it automatically give them the links after manual check out (not my favorite option) OR….have a fancy box with the download link inside. Thanks in advance for your input!

  58. Ivy says:

    Pierpaolo, You can add 200 product with the same name using a script, but you would have to be able to write the script.=) We do not have a script to do this. We do plan to add this in the future. You can add it to the wishlist if you would like also.

  59. Pierpaolo says:

    Can I insert 200 products that have same name, without inserting them one-by-one? Can I use a script or a SQL Query?
    Thanks! :-)

  60. admin says:

    The version number is wrong (v2.5.8) which means the upgrade didn’t happen properly. I will send you another email.

  61. Lynn P. says:

    BTW, I made another test page to see if perhaps the issue was the other plugins working on that page (e.g. the cforms or the page columnist) and again, the shortcode for the product worked and displayed properly but the shortcode for the cart did not. And I tried both putting it into the visual display using the shortcode and also using the html code you provided. Still didn’t work – the code just displays as text on the page.

  62. Lynn P. says:

    I am certain I didn’t make a mistake. I used the other short code to display the product in the “fancy” style on this exact same page and it works. So it doesn’t make sense that the short code to display the cart doesn’t work on the same page. I activated the plugin — otherwise the product wouldn’t be appearing on the page and it is. I believe I upgraded properly — the dashboard says I am using v2.5.8. Is that the one you sent me? And I am indeed placing the shortcode in page body as it is appearing as text on the page and hence my problem.

    I also tried using the html code you provided and putting that in the html display of the page and it just converted it to the shortcode function on the visual display but is not actually displaying the cart.

    My page again is: http://margiewarrell.com/women-on-the-move-leadership-conference/register-women-on-the-move-conference/

    Would it be helpful for you to look at my backend admin panel? Any other suggestion? Right now, without being able to see the shopping cart, I will not be able to use this page because when a person buys they cannot tell if it worked b/c they can’t see the cart and therefore cannot checkout.

  63. admin says:

    @Vik, the following URL has instructions to use “Buy Now” button.


  64. admin says:

    @SteHe, see below


  65. admin says:

    @Lynn, it should just work.. make sure you haven’t made a mistake (eg. didn’t activate the plugin, didn’t upgrade properly, there is a typing mistake in the shortcode, make sure you are placing the shortcode inside the post/page body and not in the template file etc).

    You can also use the following shortcode in HTML view to display the shopping cart:


  66. Vik says:

    How do you change the ‘buy now’ button… can i read how it is done someplace on your blog

  67. SteHe says:

    where can I find the shortcodes for the eMail options?

    {product_name} {product_id} ….

  68. Lynn P. says:

    Hi, I downloaded the newest version, moved the files to the plugins directory and de-activated and re-activated the plugin and that didn’t do the trick. That code is not working — still appearing as text in the actual page. Any other fixes I should try?

  69. admin says:

    @Lynn, the shortcode you are using is something I introduced recently… you may not have the latest version (I have sent you an updated version).

  70. Lynn P. says:

    Hi, I can’t seem to get the shopping cart to appear on this page using the short code provided: http://margiewarrell.com/women-on-the-move-leadership-conference/register-women-on-the-move-conference/

    Can you advise what I am doing wrong? I used the same type of coding and the product showed but not the cart. Thanks.

  71. Sandra says:

    My apologies, I didn’t realize that I was using a different WP plugin but I’m glad that I stumbled upon your site. I really like the fact that there’s support….the fact that you promptly responded to my posted questions says a lot about your customer service.

    I’ll definitely check out your demos today, rather than spend more time trying to figure out how to the other plugin.


  72. admin says:

    Hi Sandra, I can’t find your email address in my customer database. Are you sure you are using the WP eStore plugin and not some other shopping cart plugin? It has happned before (someone was using another shopping cart plugin was using the shortcodes specified in this page :)

  73. Sandra says:

    Help! I’m a newbie and can’t seem to get the short codes to work. I’ve tried placing them on a page, only to get the short code to appear and not an ‘add to cart’ button. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.


  74. admin says:

    @Linda, Use the following in a post or page:


    or the following from your theme’s template files:

    <?php echo wp_digi_cart_always_show(); ?>

  75. Linda says:

    Hello, what is the code for the shopping cart to show all the time even if it is empty, sorry, I know it was posted before, but I can’t find it anymore.

  76. admin says:

    @Mindi, yeah, use the following to display it in a post or page:


    or the following to display it from a PHP file (eg. the template file)

    <?php echo wp_estore_products_table(); ?>

    I will add them to the shortcodes list

  77. Mindi says:

    Is there a code display all products but not in a fancy way? Just a plain list of all products?

  78. admin says:

    Hi Mindi, not yet, you can manually do it though. I have been working on some major structural changes on this plugin to accommodate other payment gateways (eg. 2Checkout, Google Checkout, Manual Checkout) and it’s been talking all my time. Once this is done I will work on the fancy display for Buy Now button.

  79. Mindi says:

    Is there a Fancy display for Buy now?

  80. admin says:

    Hi Zac, yes you can use the following PHP function (1 is the product id):

    <?php echo print_eStore_buy_now_button(1); ?>

  81. zac says:

    Is it possible to use a php function rather than the short code to call the individual products buy it button ? I ask because rather than use the short code I would like to include this as a custom field where you just plug-in the id #

  82. Bean says:

    OK, this is why one should NOT be doing web design with a headache! Thank you for catching that. I found the stylesheet for the product description and changed it.
    Thank you!

  83. admin says:

    @Bean, It’s showing fine but it’s not visible cause you seem to be using white font on white background? Try selecting the area with the mouse where your description is and you will see it.

  84. Bean says:

    I can’t get the descriptions to show on the fancy short codes.
    Here is a link to demonstrate http://criminal-indictment.com/shopping-cart/
    I have entered in full product descriptions but they don’t show.

  85. admin says:

    Hi Barbie, you have used the same product id for both of the buttons that is why it’s adding the same product!

    You need to add/configure a different product for each service or product you have and then use it’s corresponding product ID to display the “Add to Cart” button for that product or service. Let me know if this helps.

  86. Barbie says:

    Hi there. I’m not 100% Clear on how to add the products to the site. Do we do this through a page or post? The reason I’m asking is because I tried both ways, and have several items both Service, and Product. What I did was Add a Products Page, and a Services Page. Then to the Services page, I added the services…. Once I press the Add to Cart Button, it will only add the First product at any time, in otherwords, even if I add the 3rd service to the cart, it still only picks up on the pricing of the First Product. So if my 3rd Service is $197.00 it will Still put the $97.00 in the Cart no matter how many times I press the Add to Cart.

    So How do I get the Shopping cart to recognize each service separately?

    Thanks In Advance, Barbie

    Here is the link to my blog so you can see what I mean.


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