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Ruhul Amin

Ruhul Amin is a software engineer by profession. He is the founder of Tips and Tricks HQ.

Ruhul posts a lot of articles on how to do things efficiently in the form of tips, tricks and tutorials on this blog. He is a fan of WordPress so he releases a lot of WordPress plugins and maintains them. He also posts articles on various WordPress tutorials and tweaks.

Ruhul owns a coffee shop also ( he drinks a lot of coffee ūüôā )


Korin Iverson

Korin (Ivy) is a Graphics Designer and helps out with most of the graphics (icons, logos, motion graphics, demo videos etc.) seen on this site. She writes Photoshop and CSS related articles. She also helps out with the support for most of the Tips and Tricks HQ products. Korin grew up in California and is currently living in Australia.

Korin Iverson Photo

Korin Iverson

The Assurer

The Assurer is a consultant and security specialist in the United States, whose specialty is helping individuals and organizations protect & manage their privacy and information.  Having spent a considerable amount of time working on classified government programs, he believes that many of the disciplines used in the protection of defense and national security information can be successfully applied to the private sector. His Twitter profile can be found at: https://twitter.com/TheAssurer

The Assurer helps out with the support forum, plugin improvements and also writes for Tips and Tricks HQ.

The Assurer

The Assurer

Kirk Maxi

Kirk is a Software Architect with over 20 years of experience in the software industry. He is currently working in Sydney Australia for a multinational telecommunications corporation. In his spare time he is an online entrepreneur with a passion for Software Development, Production Creation, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Sales Strategies. Kirk is currently helping with some of the latest Tips and Tricks HQ product development.

Kirk Maxi Photo

Kirk Maxi

Josh Braun

Josh received a B.S. in Communications from Florida State, a B.A. in Elementary Education from Florida Atlantic University, and an M.S. in Educational Technology. Josh helps out with the screencasts that help teach potential customers how to use the product(s) in an easy to understand language.

Josh Braun

Keith Lock

Keith is a web tech, affiliate marketer, and stay at home dad. He contributes to content, tutorial videos, and tech support on Tips and Tricks HQ.

He grew up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada where he currently resides, and spent a year in White Rock in British Columbia. Spending a great deal of time with his children, and learning to balance at-home work life while raising them.

During his 10 years online he picked up some scripting and programming experience including languages such as Visual Basic, ASP (Active Server Pages), and PHP. Combining his expertise in WordPress and affiliate marketing, he put together geo targeting tools for PHP and WP to support his business.

Keith Lock Photo

Keith Lock Photo

Richard Saling

Richard has many years of experience in marketing and advertising. Before that he served in the United States Marine Corps. He also has a strong passion for personal growth and continually strives for excellence. He uses his experience in marketing as well as background in process improvements and employee engagements to unite the two fields to raise the business bottom line.

Richard currently assist marketing agencies with their clients’ AdWords campaigns and assists small businesses with syncing their online messaging with offline customer experience.

He lives in North Scottsdale Arizona.


Richard Saling Photo