Video Answers to Top WordPress Questions

From beginner, to intermediate, to advanced… below are 31 step-by-step videos (accompanied by written instruction) to answer today’s top questions related to the WordPress blogging CMS.

Some users of our WordPress plugins are new to WordPress also. So this should help them out.

The tutorials are not sequential. You may pick and choose which ones you are interested in. You don’t have to go through them all, and you certainly don’t have to do them in order. They all stand on their own.

  1. How to Login to Your WordPress Site
  2. How to Install a WordPress Theme
  3. How to Install WordPress Plugins
  4. How to Make a Web Page Your Homepage
  5. How to Create a Blog Page in WordPress
  6. How to Change Font Size on WordPress
  7. How to Use Widgets in WordPress
  8. How to Use Menus in WordPress
  9. How to Embed Cloudup Media into WordPress
  10. How to Embed Videos in WordPress
  11. How to Use FileZilla with WordPress
  12. How to Enable JetPack in WordPress
  13. How to Manage All Your WordPress Sites With One Tool
  14. How to Create a Slideshow in WordPress
  15. How to Add AdSense to WordPress
  16. How to Backup the WordPress Database
  17. How to Include Recipes in WordPress Posts
  18. How to Add Your Site to Google Search Console
  19. How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress
  20. How to Create a Custom Post Type for Affiliate Links
  21. How to Get Your WordPress Site on Google
  22. How to Add PayPal to WordPress
  23. How to Get the Image URL from the Media Library
  24. How to Begin Creating a WordPress Plugin
  25. How to Remove Powered by WordPress from Your Web Site Footer
  26. How to Create a Custom Post Type for Affiliate Links
  27. How to Use MailChimp with WordPress
  28. How to Add Favicons to WordPress
  29. How to Reinstall WordPress Without Losing Content
  30. How to Install WordPress Locally (on Windows)
  31. How to Fix a Broken WordPress Web Site
  32. How to Disable and Remove Old Comments from WordPress
  33. How to Make a Business Website

If there is a particular video tutorial that you want to see here then use our contact form on the site to let us know.