How to Install a WordPress Theme

This is a tutorial for the video answers to top WordPress questions series that we have been publishing on this site to help users get started with WordPress.

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • How to find and install themes from the WordPress Theme Repository, from within the WordPress Dashboard.
  • How to upload themes in .zip format from your computer that you may have purchased or downloaded from another web site.
  • How to remove any unused themes from your WordPress Dashboard.

Steps to Install WordPress Themes and to Delete Unused Themes

  1. After logging into the WordPress Dashboard, click Appearance.
  2. You may select any of the existing themes by clicking Activate.
  3. Otherwise, you may click Add New to find other themes to install.
  4. You can filter your selection by choosing Featured, Popular, Latest, Favorites, or by using the advanced feature filter. Otherwise, you can do a search for a specific theme.
  5. After you find a theme, you can Preview it, or you can install it right away by hovering over the theme image, and then clicking Install.
  6. If the theme you want to install is in a Zip file on your computer, simply click Upload Theme from the Themes page.
  7. Then click Choose File, locate it on your computer, double-click the Zip file, and then click Install Now.
  8. You will then be given the option to do a Live Preview or to Activate the newly installed theme.
  9. Now, to delete any unused themes, go to Appearance, click on the theme you want to remove, and click the Delete link.

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