WordPress Shopping Cart Change Log

version 4.0.9

  • Changed the input slug of “product” name to be more specific.

version 4.0.8

  • Added Turkish Language translation to the plugin. The Turkish translation file was submitted by Vural Pamir.
  • WordPress 4.2 compatibility

version 4.0.7

  • The cart stylesheet file now uses the ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’ hook
  • Added a new shortcode parameter (thumb_target) which can be used to specify a target URL for the product thumbnail image
  • Coupon codes are now case-insensitive.
  • Updated the Italian language file.

version 4.0.6

  • Added an email tag to include the coupon code used in the notification email.
  • Added an extra check to prevent a debug notice message from showing when the cart is reset.
  • WordPress 4.1 compatibility.

version 4.0.5

  • Added two new filters to allow dynamic modification of the buyer and seller notification email body (just before the email is sent).
  • Added a new filter so the orders menu viewing permission can be overridden by an addon.
  • Added Danish Language translation to the plugin. The Danish translation file was submitted by Steve Jorgensen.
  • Added a function to strip special characters from price parameter in the shortcode.

version 4.0.4

  • Added some new email tags to show Transaction ID, Purchase Amount and Purchase Date (check your email settings field for details).
  • Made some improvements to the PayPal IPN validation code.

version 4.0.2

  • Added a new option so you can store your custom language file for this plugin in a folder outside the plugin’s directory.
  • Added the following two new filters to allow customization of the add to cart button. wspsc_add_cart_button_form_attr and wspsc_add_cart_submit_button_value
  • Added Text Domain and Domain Path values to the plugin header.
  • Added Norwegian language translation to the plugin. The Swedish translation file was submitted by Reidar F. Sivertsen.
  • Added some security checks a) to make sure that the payment is deposited to the email specified in the settings b) to block multiple payment notifications for the same transaction ID
  • Buyer’s contact phone number is now also saved with each order (given you have enabled it).
  • Added a new filter to allow customization of the product box shortcode.

version 4.0.0

  • Added expiry date option in the discount coupon configuration interface.
  • Changed the permission on the orders menu so it is only available to admin users from the backend.
  • PHP session enhancements.
  • Added an extra check to prevent direct access to the cart file.

version 3.9.9

  • Added a new feature that allows you to show the product thumbnail image in the shopping cart. Use “show_thumbnail” parameter in the shopping cart shortcode for this.
  • Added Swedish language translation to the plugin. The Swedish translation file was submitted by Felicia.
  • Fixed a minor bug with the checkout page style feature.
  • Added a new filter for the item name field in the shopping cart.
  • Made some minor CSS improvements for the cart output.
  • The {product_details} email shortcode will now show the full amount of the item (instead of the individual item amount).

version 3.9.8

  • Added Hebrew Language translation to the plugin. The Hebrew translation file was submitted by Sagi Cooper.
  • Added extra condition to address the “Invalid argument supplied” error that a few users were getting.

version 3.9.7

  • Added a new feature to open the checkout page in a new tab/window when user clicks the checkout button.
  • Updated the Cart Orders menu icon to use a slightly better looking dashicon.
  • Added a new filter to allow modification of the custom field value. Filter name is wpspc_cart_custom_field_value
  • Added a new action hook after the PayPal IPN is processed. This will allow you to do extra post payment processing task for your orders. Hook name wpspc_paypal_ipn_processed
  • Made some improvements to some of the shopping cart icons (cart and delete item icons have been updated).
  • Cart output will work with a responsive theme.

version 3.9.6

  • Added Czech Language translation to the plugin. The Czech translation file was submitted by Tomas Sykora.
  • Added a new option/feature to specify a custom paypal checkout page style name. The plugin will use the custom checkout page style if you specify one.
  • Each order now also shows the shipping amount in the order management interface.

version 3.9.5

  • Added a new feature that lets you (the site admin) configure a sale notification email for the admin. When your customer purchase a product, you get a notification email. Activate this feature from the “Email Settings” interface of the plugin.
  • Added Polish language translation to the plugin. The Polish langage translation file was submitted by Gregor Konrad.
  • Fixed a minor issue with custom button images that uses HTTPS URL.
  • Added more CSS classes in the shopping cart so you can apply CSS tweaks easily.

version 3.9.3

  • Added a new feature to show a compact shopping cart.
  • Language translation strings updated.

version 3.9.2

  • Added an option to specify a custom button image for the add to cart buttons. You can use the “button_image” parameter in the shortcode to customize the add to cart button image.
  • Coupon code that is used in a transaciton will be saved with the order so you can see it in the back end.

version 3.9.0 and 3.9.1

  • WP Super Cache workaround
  • Added a new shortcode argument to specify a SKU number for your product.
  • Fixed a few debug warnings/notices
  • Added Italian language file

version 3.8.8

  • Added a discount coupon feature to the shopping cart. You can now configure discount coupon via the Simple cart settings -> Coupon/Discount menu
  • View link now shows the order details
  • fixed a bug where the shipping price wasn’t properly showing for more than $1000
  • WordPress 3.7 compatibility

version 3.8.7

  • Changed a few function names and made them unique to reduce the chance of a function name conflict with another plugin.
  • Added a new option in the plugin so the purchased items of a transaction will be shown under orders menu
  • Payment notification will only be processed when the status is completed.

version 3.8.6

  • Updated the broken settings menu link
  • Updated the NextGen gallery integration to return $arg1 rather than $arg2

version 3.8.5

  • Added an email settings menu where the site admin can customize the buyer email that gets sent after a transaction. Go to the email settings menu to configure the email details.
  • Also, added the following dynamic email tags for the email body field

{first_name} – First name of the buyer
{last_name} – Last name of the buyer
{product_details} – The item details of the purchased product (this will include the download link for digital items).

version 3.8.4

  • Fixing an issue that resulted from doing a commit when wordpress.org plugin repository was undergoing maintenance

version 3.8.3

  • Improved the settings menu interface with the new shortcode usage instruction (removed any reference to the old shortcodes to remove confusion).

version 3.8.2

  • Fixed a bug where the quantity change of a product in the cart wasn’t reflecting in the product sale notification.
  • Fixed a bug where the item details weren’t getting shown in the sale notification email for a single product purchase.
  • Fixed a minor bug that was causing a fatal error on some servers.
  • Some minor coding optimization.

version 3.8.1

  • Updated the plugin to work with the current version of nextgen gallery plugin (useful for selling photos). View the usage details.

version 3.8

  • Added a new orders menu that will show all the orders that you are receiving.
  • Added an automatic order confirmation notification email feature. Your buyer will receive an email from this plugin after the sale.
  • Implemented a better digital download selling option in the plugin. View the usage details.
  • Fixed a minor bug with the wp affiliate platform plugin’s sale tracking.
  • Added an option to enable or disable debug logging in the plugin.
  • WordPress 3.6 compatibity.

version 3.7

  • Added an additional variation option (so now there can be 3 variations for each product)
  • Added the variation control option in the new shortcodes (it will work with product boxes too).

version 3.6

  • Added a new product display shortcode to show a nice product box.
  • Added more security on the settings form submission.
  • WordPress 3.6 compatibility

version 3.5

  • Added new shortcodes implementation that uses the WordPress shortcods API
  • Added a wrapper class for the add to cart buttons so you can easily customize the look for the button using CSS.

version 3.4

  • Added an option to collect special instruction for a order on the PayPal checkout page (this message can be customized too)
  • Added input sanitization

version 3.3.2

  • Added Spanish translation files
  • Added a Spanish paypal checkout button graphic

version 3.3.1

  • Added html special char filter on product name
  • Added UTF-8 charset when submitting to PayPal.
  • Updated the WordPress logo with the proper one.

version 3.3.0

  • Added the ability to use PayPal sandbox testing
  • Removed some unnecessary code to make it even lighter

version 3.2.9

  • Added the ability to use the shopping cart shortcodes on the sidebar widget
  • Added the Spanish and French translation that was submitted by the users.

version 3.2.8

  • Updated the shopping cart widget functions to use the new WordPress widget class.

version 3.2.7

  • Added language support and minor code update for WordPress 3.3 compatibility.

version 2.8

  • Added the option to automatically redirect the customer to the checkout page when a product is added to the cart.

version 2.6

  • Added the “Free shipping” threshold option (When a customer orders more than this amount he/she will get free shipping).
  • Fixed some minor alignment issues.
  • Fixed a small bug with the link to the product page.

version 2.4

  • Apostrophe (‘) can now be used in the product name.

version 2.3

  • Added an option to specify a products page in the settings menu (when used, the shopping cart widget displays a link to this page when the cart is empty)
  • Fixed an issue whereby the settings page wasn’t getting saved on a WPMU installation.

version 2.2

  • Added Variation Control option.

version 2.1

  • Added affiliate tracking capability so it can be easily used with the WP Affiliate Platfrom Plugin.
  • Added a small tweak so the return from PayPal does not show the POST content in the URL.

version 2.0

  • Fixed a minor bug with the shipping calculation.

version 1.9

  • Fixed an issue whereby the base shipping cost wasn’t getting sent to PayPal.

version 1.8

  • Added shipping cost functionality. See ‘how the shipping cost calculation works’ section for more info.

version 1.7

  • Added a function so that the ‘Add to cart’ buttons can be added from template (.php) files by calling a function.
  • Added custom style sheet file for this plugin.

version 1.6

  • The WordPress Paypal Shopping Cart plugin can be integrated with the NextGen Gallery Plugin to show ‘Add to Cart’ button below the thumbnail images in a Gallery.

version 1.5

  • The shopping cart image can optionally be hidden through the settings menu

version 1.4

  • Now a customized image can be used as the ‘Add to Cart’ button.
  • Changed the images to ‘PNG’ image as it blends in nicely for any background colour (e.g black) as different wordpress theme uses different background colours.

version 1.3

  • Added feature so that the shopping cart gets reset when the buyer comes back to the site after paying on the PayPal site.
  • Added some minor enhancements.

version 1.2.2

  • Added an option which enables the admin to specify a text to show on the widget when the shopping cart is empty.

version 1.2

  • Added built in shopping cart widget that can be used to show the shopping cart on the sidebar.

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  1. Ivy says:
  2. Donna says:

    Hi. I’m using this shopping cart and was very happy to find one that works so well out of the box. One issue I’ve discovered is that if you hit the ‘reload’ button to reload the web page displaying the item catalog, it adds another item to your cart of the last ‘add to cart’ button that you pressed. So instead of having one item in my cart, I now have 2. Is there any way to make that stop? Thanks!

  3. Ivy says:

    Hi Roland, We have been adding a few new things over the past couple weeks. Mainly better integration with Aweber and Wishlist. We are always working on new features and better ways to do things. You can find out more about updating here: http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/forum/topic/how-and-when-do-you-get-an-update


  4. Roland says:

    Hi Ivy,
    Thanks for your answer.
    Unfortunately I have noticed that you have risen the price for eStore. What does that mean? Are there any new features available? Has there been an update?

  5. Ivy says:

    Hi Roland, As of right now this feature is only available in the eStore plugin. I do not know if or when this will be added to the simple shopping cart. If you are using the eStore please let me know so I can send you an update with this feature.


  6. Roland says:

    is there a way to integrate a checkbox in the shopping cart to agree terms and conditions before proceeding to checkout?
    Thanks for help.

  7. admin says:

    Enter the URL of this custom button that you want to use In the settings menu of this plugin where it says “Add to Cart button text or Image”.

  8. Mark says:

    Back again. Thanks for yer support. This is a kewl plugin.
    How do I swap out the mac add to cart button for the blue one named 82 in the images folder?


  9. admin says:

    Hi Greg, Please download v2.3 from the plugin page and it should fix the WPMU issue.

  10. greg says:


    i’m using wp mu 2.8.3, and wpsc don’t update the options :

    wp-admin/options.php says :
    1/ if i made modification on options.php (line 59)
    Êtes-vous certain(e) de vouloir faire cela ?
    Merci de réessayer.

    2/ without the options.php modification
    Erreur ! La page d’option est introuvable.

    Yes i’m french, my english is poor !
    hope posting a the good place

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