Reduce Your Website’s Bandwidth and Storage Usage

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution for using big files (movie files for example) on your website without wasting your website’s bandwidth and storage then read on.

When you host a media on your website it takes the storage on your site and when the users view that media it takes up your bandwidth too. If the media file is small then you probably don’t have much to worry about. But when you want to use some media files that are large in size then it can have a significant impact on your site’s storage and also when the users view it, it takes up your bandwidth. Now if you have limited storage and limited bandwidth on your site like mine then you can try this method that I use to save bandwidth.

Say for example, you want to host a movie file. you can upload that file to YouTube and link to that file from your website or embed it on your website. The bandwidth is always taken from the site truly hosting the file. So if you embed the video from another site(YouTube in this case), anytime a user buffers and plays the video, the bandwidth (for the video) is taken from the original host, not your site. Also you save storage on your site too.

You can use external image providers to host your image files like Amazon S3, Imageshack, Flickr, Photobucket.

Also compress your images with an efficient compression settings (What image compression settings to use when converting an image to jpg).

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  1. admin says:

    @Louis, if you embed a YouTube video then you are not using any bandwidth of your website.

  2. louis says:

    is there a standard mb usage of a embeded youtube video on my website?

  3. inamon says:

    Thanks for the advice.
    I was ready to upload my tutorial video to the sites host but then I thought I better google and look for the best methods. I think its going to create a huge difference now.

  4. Kathy says:

    There are a lot of compatible plugins for WordPress that make outsourcing of all these media hosting a whole lot simpler for me. Prior to doing this, my host was charging me crazy fees for the amount of bandwidth I was eating up ferociously.

  5. Prodyot says:

    Nice write-up and well explained about the external links and bandwidth related issues and image credit issues.

  6. ANN says:

    i really hope that i read this article 1st before sign up for webhosting.. just sign up since last month with 10gb bandwidth limit and think it will enough.. hitting the limit in 3rd week of 1st months and almost using 75% of limit within 4 days.. hahaha… dont know what else can be done.. any suggestion?

  7. You’ve made some good recommendations to host images off site. I’ve looked into using various solutions. It seems Amazon S3 might offer the lowest cost in terms of a “pay as you go” type model.

  8. Keith Davis says:

    Thanks for the info
    I’ve just started using a few YouTube videos on my site so it’s good to know that the bandwidth usage is from the original source.

    My WordPress site still uses much more bandwidth than any of my static html sites – much more!
    Any other suggestions?

  9. Ian McLovin says:

    Bandwith and storage usage is usually neglected by site owners. I’ve got a couple of friends that have encountered problems from disregarding the said factors.

  10. Roger says:

    This is very informative material. This definitely helps my website and helps me accomplish other things I need to do. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great posts.

  11. John Gamings says:

    Good advice. I’ve fund that Amazon S3 has been a real lifesaver for hosting videos! They are so dirt cheap that without them my site would be completely screwed

  12. plombier 1er says:

    Indeed, this website showed me much more and taught me a lot. The design of this website and very well done.

  13. lookup email says:

    Nice tips. We can take many effective actions like what you mentioned in the post to decrease the bandwidth and storage used by the users. Thanks for sharing the info.

  14. It is a very interesting website and in addition it is very well done.

  15. I think this is excellent information for all those who are looking for limiting the bandwidth usage and storage usage! Many of us are proud of our websites (Mine is a shoes site) except for the fact that it uses up lots of bandwidth because of the high definition like movies in it. I must say after reading the article, I have uploaded all my videos to YouTube and they are sharing the bandwidth for me. Really phenomenal!

  16. JAMES says:

    Thanks for sharing the very useful information. My son does more with this kind of stuff, so I’ll be sending him a link to the site.

  17. Yeah uploading the video on youtube then getting the link url to post it on your site to reduce the memory usage that’s really a great technique saving some space.

  18. ya most of the people do that with their sites…uploading on youtube and providing a link on the site..

  19. Interesting indeed. bandwidth usage is the main problem for many webmasters. This article really solves that problem. Great stuff. Cheers

  20. hey this blog was quite informative to me. looking forward to your next post Thx!

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