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This is a quick post to let the users of the WordPress Affiliate Software know that the developer over at www.rapidsuccesspartners.com have developed a useful little plugin that extends the functionality of the WP Affiliate Platform plugin.

Basically, if you want to send emails to all your affiliates then the only option the affiliate platform offers at the moment is to get an email list (comma separated) of all your affiliates from the “Affiliate Emails” tab and use your email management software to do the actual sending of the email. So, if you want to send emails to your affiliates from the WordPress dashboard then you can download this WP Affiliate Mailer plugin and use it.

I hope this will be of some use to some of the users who have requested me to include a similar feature in the product.

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  1. I think this is a good plugin. I have just started getting affiliates for my new product and since it is a new produce i need to send lots of updates regarding the new version. It will make my job easy.

  2. nicolas says:


    You’re AWESOOOOME… lol

    I’m looking for this kind of plugin.

    Thanks again. Great job and great great blog.



  3. admin says:

    Alright… I spent some time on this and when I started to code it looked like I was making another email newsletter plugin. The fact is that there are many good free email sending plugins out there already. The following are just a few I have listed:


    All you have to do is grab one of these plugin then in the “To”, “CC” or “BCC” field paste in the email addresses of your membership that you got from the eMember plugin and you are done.

  4. nicolas says:

    thank you.

    I made some changement. I can install the plugin, view the form to send messages BUT when I want ‘send message’, I’ve got a blank page with no message to say ‘xx mesages sents”.

    Thanks a lot to modify the plugin for us.


  5. admin says:

    lol.. fair enough.. I will modify it for the eMember.

  6. nicolas says:


    easily maybe for you but not for me……

    I’ve try to do it but I’ve got a fataal error.

    I’ve changed the db name into the file. Not enough I guess

    Could you give some ‘tips & tricks’ to do it well ?

    Thanks for all of you.


  7. admin says:

    This plugin can be easily tweaked to make it work with eMember though.

  8. nicolas says:

    Hi Ivy,

    Okay thanks.

    Do you know a soution to contact the eMember ?
    My autoresponder doesn’t accept imported listing……

    Do you know a plugin to do it ??

    Thanks for your help and you time.


  9. Ivy says:

    Hi Nicolas, This is not available for the eMember. The above plugin will only work with the Affiliate Platform.


  10. nicolas says:

    Hi everybody.

    Good plugin. thks.
    But theres is the same to the WP eMember plugin or we can use it to ?


  11. Dan says:

    This is gonna come in handy! Thanks for letting us know about this plugin.

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