How to Fix ‘Unable to create directory’ error when uploading image into WordPress

This article is a little outdated. Please check the updated version of the tutorial on how to fix the unable to create directory error.

This post has a textual and video instructions showing how to fix the WordPress “Unable to create directory” error when uploading/inserting image into WordPress.

I started getting the “Unable to create directory /wp-content/uploads/2008/12. Is its parent directory writable by the server?” error when uploading or inserting image into a WordPress post just after upgrading to WordPress 2.7. First I thought it is a directory permission related error so I tried changing the permission of my ‘upload’ directory to 777 (which you shouldn’t have to do) but I was still having the same problem. After trying many things I was able to fix it using the following method.

  1. Log into your WordPress Admin account.
  2. Go to ‘Miscellaneous’ Settings options from the ‘Settings’ menu.
  3. In the Miscellaneous Settings put wp-content/uploads in the “Store uploads in this folder” text box.
  4. Save the Changes by hitting the “Save Changes” button and you are done.

Fix WordPress Image Upload Error: Video Instructions

Checkout the comments below for more tips.

If you have done everything explained here and it doesn’t help then it is most likely a server configuration issue. Contact your hosting provider and see if you can get help from them or look for a better hosting solution.

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  1. shlomo says:

    Thank you so much. This is the only that works!!!

    In WP 4.x you need to go to: Settings -> Media

  2. Carol says:

    Hi. I was searching for a guide about how to fix this type of an error but I failed. I contacted my hosting provider about this and they helped me in few minutes. Finally, I found this guide and I learned about how to fix the error by my own in future. Thank you very much.

  3. Allen Taylor says:

    There are 1001 ways to fix this issue out there on the net. And I tried most of those non-fixes before landing on this page. You Sir are a Solutions Expert. Thank you for sharing. You made my day, and it was a very long day.

  4. hs99 says:

    Thank you for your help. Your tip fixed my issue.

  5. Brett says:

    Thank you!!! I was going crazy! One little setting ruined hours. lol

  6. Newbee says:

    Thanks a lot. I was able to fix the issue after reading this post.

  7. Jen says:


  8. André says:

    I’ve been very stressed with this.
    I searched a lot and nothing worked for me but now I figure it out! (At least for me)

    Try this if none of the previous solutions worked for you:

    1 -Go to PHP MY ADMIN to see your DB where do you have WordPress installed.
    2 – At the top, click in the two tools, in english will be something like “OPTIONS” or “OPERATIONS”.
    3 – select the AUTO INCREMENT and save/execute.

  9. Anthony says:

    Saw this tip today it was a great help.

    Thank you

  10. Anbarasan k says:

    I searched plenty of other sites to fix this. But nothing worked. But Your solutions fixed it in a min.!!!!.

    I am very happy…

    Thaks lot …

  11. Deb says:

    Thanks! It worked! It’s so great when you find a solution that quick and to the point without volumes of info to wade through! Made my day. (I know, I need to shut off the computer more often…)

    One thing, it wasn’t under ‘Misc’ under Settings, but ‘Media’ under Settings.. Prob mentioned in another comment, but thought I’d mention it anyway.

    Thanks again..

  12. amy says:

    you rock! thanks so much!

  13. Hindi says:

    Thank for your tips. It works

  14. Mergim says:

    Oh very Very Thanks

  15. Thanks very much, you really helped me solve this problem.
    Two thumbs up for you…..

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