WordPress Plugin – Cite the Source for Images Attached to Your WordPress Posts

WordPress is clever with data storage in that it likes to avoid redundancy. And since, arguably speaking, storing data like the content of posts, in a database is a handy thing, so is storing “other data” within the same field and table structure. While I (Keith here) don’t want to get into how databases are […]

How to Reset the htaccess File of Your WordPress Site Using FTP

Sometimes, changes to a .htaccess file, whether manually or via a tool with appropriate access, renders a WordPress site inoperable. It might be that all pages 404, or there is simply a white screen without errors, or you get redirected to weird places, or you have the inability to login. Whatever the case, for me, […]

How To Create an Attractive Subscribe & Follow Box For Your WordPress Blog

Your WordPress blog isn’t the only place that you should be adding fresh content to. It’s important these days to also add new content to social networks as well. Most of the time, webmasters create profiles and pages on social sites that are specific to just one web site (or niche that they are in). […]

How to Create a WordPress plugin

WordPress Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress. Creating a basic WordPress plugin that does something basic and cool on your site is not that hard. It is actually better to apply some tweaks to your site via a simple WordPress plugin rather than hacking your theme or an existing plugin. This approach […]

How to Add Google Custom Search to WordPress (Video Tutorial)

The default search function for WordPress isn’t horrible, especially when you are running a blog where you desire someone to search just the post title and post content. While it’s not phrase or exact match by default, you could realistically make some modifications to the search form to allow for that. Also, if you have […]

How to Create a Custom WordPress Page Template (Video Tutorial)

We published a tutorial on how to create a Custom Page Template in WordPress a while back. Since then we received many requests from our readers to create a video tutorial on this topic so we are following up with a video tutorial covering the basics on how to create a custom WordPress page template. […]

How to Easily Import or Export any of Your WordPress Database Table Content

I get asked a lot of questions on how to import or export data to or from a particular WordPress database table on a regular basis. For example: How can I export all my products details from a particular WordPress plugin to a CSV file? How can I bulk change data in some table? How […]

How to Make a PayPal Mass Payment

If you frequently make paypal payments to multiple recipients (e.g. to payout for affiliate commisson) and if you don’t use the PayPal’s mass payment option then this article is for you. Now, my first question to you is “Why aren’t you using mass payment again?” 🙂 PayPal’s mass payment allows anyone with a Premier or […]

How to Create WordPress blog posts and pages (Video Tutorial)

This post is aimed at the WordPress beginners who are looking for a tutorial on how to create a WordPress post with video instructions. How to Create a post in WordPress Creating a post in WordPress is really simple. Login to the WordPress dashboard by visiting www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin Click on ‘Add New’ from the ‘Posts’ menu […]

How to Fix ‘Unable to create directory’ error when uploading image into WordPress

This article is a little outdated. Please check the updated version of the tutorial on how to fix the unable to create directory error. This post has a textual and video instructions showing how to fix the WordPress “Unable to create directory” error when uploading/inserting image into WordPress. I started getting the “Unable to create […]