How to Add PayPal to Your WordPress Site

There are plenty of free and simple ways to add PayPal to WordPress. Today I will provide a quick intro to 4 possible ways to accept payments from PayPal on your web site. In this tutorial, you will see: How to install and use the PayPal for Digital Goods plugin. How to install and use […]

Generate Income from Your Content Passively with Amazon, AdSense, and Donations

As someone that generates a portion of my income passively online, by sharing content, I am always interested in different monetization approaches. I am not referring to the “get paid to” model where one is trading time for a finite amount of money. I am also not referring to selling products and trying to acquire […]

Adding a PayPal Payment Widget to The Sidebar of Your WordPress Site

In this tutorial I will show you how to add a PayPal payment widget or button to the sidebar area of your WordPress site easily. Step 1) Grab the Free PayPal Payment Accept Plugin Download and install the PayPal payment accept plugin in your site. Step 2) Add a Text Widget to Your Sidebar Go to the […]

How to Create an Online Store in Minutes with WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

WordPress has become well known as a platform that has great eCommerce support. I have tested dozens of WordPress plugins that allow you to turn your website into a fully functional online store Many eCommerce plugins are sometimes overcomplicated due to the number of features they include, however there are simpler solutions available. One of […]

Create PayPal Payment Button for The Post Author Automatically

I received the following question from a user today: When users create a charity on my site, I want to have a donate button on their post that automatically gets the proper email address to use for the PayPal transaction. This way I don’t have to manually add their email to the shortcode for every charity that […]

How to Setup Regional Sales Tax in Your PayPal Account

When running a web store and using PayPal as the payment processor, you can easily set it up so that PayPal will add the sales tax to the final amount (and optionally to the shipping amount as well) during checkout. In a standard (perhaps traditional) PayPal transaction, the buyer will choose their items, and then […]

How to Create a Paypal Page Style and Use it With a PayPal Button

In this article I am going to walk through the process of creating a custom checkout flow for your PayPal customers. I’ll explain how to use it with your PayPal buttons and then at the end I will show you how to add your new custom style for use in WP eStore. The following screenshot […]

How to Setup PayPal Profile Based Shipping

If you are selling via PayPal then you can setup shipping charge rules in your PayPal profile. In this tutorial I will show you how to setup PayPal profile based shipping. The process is completely different depending on the country that you are selling from. As you might imagine, PayPal sellers that reside in the […]

WP Donations Plugin – Create a Donation Widget with Donation Goal

The WordPress Donations Plugin allows you to collect donation for a cause from your WordPress powered site. The main difference with this donation plugin from our other PayPal donation plugin is that this one shows the visitor your Donation Goal and how much you have raised so far. It creates a nice pie chart to […]

Playing In PayPal’s Sandbox

Hello, is this thing on? Many of us who have, or are in the process of launching, e-commerce sites have wondered about this at one time or another. The most common way of finding out is to make a test purchase of $1 or less, to see if everything works. But there is an alternative, that costs nothing to use; the PayPal Sandbox. With the sandbox you can simulate PayPal transactions, as many times as you want, without incurring any processing fees. Not only can you simulate actual purchases, you can test drive your e-commerce site from the purchaser’s point of view. You can even simulate how your site will react to purchasers with varying levels of PayPal funding and verification.