6 Tips to Help Ignite Your Creativity and Increase Your Success

When it comes to achieving success on the Internet or anything in life for that matter, it probably isn’t a secret that having some capacity of creative spark or talent can increase your chances of attaining your goals. But what makes some people more creative and successful than others? Is creativity something genetic and does […]

10 Ways to Proofread Articles Faster

No matter how much a person enjoys writing, almost everyone has a concern for writing clearly and accurately, without errors in grammar or spelling. Although proofreading can avoid embarrassing and costly mistakes, the pressures of deadlines and fatigue often cause the proofreading process to fail. Saving time and producing better work are concepts that appeal […]

7 Advantages to Using PayPal to Buy Online

PayPal is one of the largest online payment processors in the world. After rising to prominence through its partnership with Ebay, online merchants all across the Internet accept PayPal as one of their accepted methods of payments. Those who have never used PayPal may wonder why so many people use it as their only way […]

10 Tips for Self Employed People to Stay Organized & Productive

If you are self-employed and regularly work from home, then you might sometimes find it difficult to stay organized and productive. When you work for a traditional employer, it’s a simple matter to settle into “work mode” and to get your tasks done every day, but working from home requires quite a bit of discipline. […]

Track your Friends and Family with Google Latitude

You can now track where your friends and family are with Google’s new feature for Google Map called “Latitude”. Google Latitude can be used on the following compatible mobile devices: Android-powered devices, such as the T-Mobile G1 iPhone and iPod touch devices (coming soon) most color BlackBerry devices most Windows Mobile 5.0+ devices most Symbian […]

Energy saving tip – How much money can you save by turning off your computer overnight?

I never realized that a good amount of money can be saved just by cutting the unnecessary wasted energy costs. Note: This definitely isn’t applicable to everyone or every scenario but in some cases applying this technique can save a bit of money. I have done a little experiment with the ‘MS6115 Mains Power Meter’ […]

The differences between Power (Watts) and Energy (Kilowatts-hour, kWh)

Before you can start saving money by cutting cost on unnecessary electricity usage in an attempt to live a greener life (Essential tips to start living Green today), you need to understand Power and Energy and the units of power (watt) and energy (kWh), what they mean, how do you use these terms etc. I […]

Essential tips to start living Green today

In this article I have put together a list of things that I am going to attempt to do from today to start living a greener life, which virtually cost me very little to nothing but the rewards are great.

Cut Onions without tears

If you use onions to cook from time to time and is annoyed with the whole onions making you cry then here are a few cool tricks that you can do to stop your eyes from crying when you cut onions.

Bank card or Credit card plastic bag swiping trick

Have you ever had trouble swiping your Bank/Credit card at the checkout? Here is a card bag swiping trick for you. The Problem: Bank card or Credit card doesn’t work when swiped. Solution: Wrap the card in a thin, clear plastic bag and swipe it again. Arrange a replacement of the card. What can cause […]