How to Begin Creating a WordPress Plugin

Creating a plugin extends the power of WordPress. Follow along with this tutorial for a quick beginner’s course on how to begin the process of creating a custom plugin. In this tutorial, you will be introduced to: Why creating a custom plugin is a better choice over modifying core theme, plugin, and WordPress files. Why […]

How to Install WordPress Plugins

This is a tutorial for the video answers to top WordPress questions series that we have been publishing on this site to help users get started with WordPress. In this tutorial, you will learn: How to find and install plugins from the WordPress Plugin Repository, from within the WordPress Dashboard. How to upload plugins in […]

Adding Your Own Custom Fields in the Software License Manager Plugin

This is a tutorial for the Software License Manger plugin. This tutorial is aimed at advanced WordPress Plugin developers. Lets say, you want to create an extension or a custom plugin to add couple of extra fields to save some info with each of the license keys. Below is a guideline on how to do it.

WordPress Plugin to Allow ePUB file Uploads to Your WordPress Site

WordPress doesn’t allow you to upload ePUB file types to your site using the media library for security reasons. If you try to upload a file with .epub or .mobi file extension, it will just give you a URL to the attachment page (not the direct URL to the file). This plugin will remove the limitation […]

WordPress Plugin – Cite the Source for Images Attached to Your WordPress Posts

WordPress is clever with data storage in that it likes to avoid redundancy. And since, arguably speaking, storing data like the content of posts, in a database is a handy thing, so is storing “other data” within the same field and table structure. While I (Keith here) don’t want to get into how databases are […]

Simple Download Monitor – A Great Way to Offer Files to Visitors

Simple Download Monitor is a WordPress plugin that lets you offer digital files to your visitors. In addition to managing your files, the plugin will also track the number of downloads by visitors. I have used a few different download management WordPress plugins over the years and I was impressed with how it works. It […]

AJAX Comment Loading Plugin Fixed

Recently I wanted to use the Ajax Comment Loading Plugin (developed by Mark Jaquith) on one of my WordPress sites. The functionality that plugin offers is very nice but it turns out that the plugin doesn’t work for current version of WordPress anymore. I fixed the code a little to make it work with the […]

WP Far Future Expiration Plugin – Easily Add Far Future Expiration to Your Static Files

This plugin will allow you to easily add a “far future expiration” date for various static file types on your WordPress powered site to improve page load time (site speed). Adding far future expiry header to your static resources (images, js, css) can improve the site speed. If you are using a caching plugin like […]

Best WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress is open source software. Open source software has its advantages to be sure, but since it is “open,” meaning that the code is available for all to see, those that study the code close enough can find holes. If a hole is found by one of the “good guys,” then it can be filled, […]

WP Proper PHP Include Plugin

WordPress, by default, allows the use of HTML and JavaScript when adding/editing posts and pages in “Text” view. However, PHP execution is a different story. Sometimes you may want to execute some PHP code in your post or page and this plugin will allow you to do that. There are a few plugins that allow […]