Alternatives for Google Reader to Keep Tabs on RSS Feeds

Along with the BlackBerry Google Voice app, Google Building Maker, Snapseed Desktop, Google Cloud Connect, and others, Google Reader is being swept away (assuming the various petitions – 1, 2, and 3 – in place don’t stop it) in Google’s spring clean up. “Google Reader will not be available after July 1, 2013” says the […]

8 Ways to Access Blocked Sites

Businesses are much more clever now: they see how popular the web and social networking is and often block those sites from employee access. Not only are work places doing this, but so are schools, colleges, even some libraries and churches. If you want to access your social networking profiles, email or blogs from one […]

How to Easily Import or Export any of Your WordPress Database Table Content

I get asked a lot of questions on how to import or export data to or from a particular WordPress database table on a regular basis. For example: How can I export all my products details from a particular WordPress plugin to a CSV file? How can I bulk change data in some table? How […]

A Bucket Full Of Objects — Amazon S3

Amazon is not just about books anymore.  Since 2001, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has found ways of deriving income from the excess capacity of the network infrastructure used to run their own e-commerce business.  One of these products, the Simple Storage Service (S3) allows users to store their files, known as “objects” online.  As of […]

Playing In PayPal’s Sandbox

Hello, is this thing on? Many of us who have, or are in the process of launching, e-commerce sites have wondered about this at one time or another. The most common way of finding out is to make a test purchase of $1 or less, to see if everything works. But there is an alternative, that costs nothing to use; the PayPal Sandbox. With the sandbox you can simulate PayPal transactions, as many times as you want, without incurring any processing fees. Not only can you simulate actual purchases, you can test drive your e-commerce site from the purchaser’s point of view. You can even simulate how your site will react to purchasers with varying levels of PayPal funding and verification.

7 Advantages to Using PayPal to Buy Online

PayPal is one of the largest online payment processors in the world. After rising to prominence through its partnership with Ebay, online merchants all across the Internet accept PayPal as one of their accepted methods of payments. Those who have never used PayPal may wonder why so many people use it as their only way […]

Database Recovery Techniques

Preventing data loss is one of the most critical issues involved in managing database systems. Data can be lost as a result of many different problems: Hardware failures Viruses Incorrect use of UPDATE and DELETE statements Software bugs Disasters, such as fire or flood To prevent data loss, you can implement a recovery strategy for […]

Tips to Make Ubuntu Boot Faster

Ubuntu is pushing the Linux desktop movement forward. Since it’s inception in 2004, Ubuntu has released over 10 versions so far, each one improving on its predecessor. It remains one of those few operating systems, that boots really fast. Still, if you are one of those brave hackers who likes to tune your machine to […]

How to Make a PayPal Mass Payment

If you frequently make paypal payments to multiple recipients (e.g. to payout for affiliate commisson) and if you don’t use the PayPal’s mass payment option then this article is for you. Now, my first question to you is “Why aren’t you using mass payment again?” 🙂 PayPal’s mass payment allows anyone with a Premier or […]