How to Create a Blog Page in WordPress

This is a tutorial for the video answers to top WordPress questions series that we have been publishing on this site to help users get started with WordPress. In this tutorial, you will learn: How to use a WordPress Page as your Blog Page, as opposed to using the Home Page as the Blog Page. […]

How to Reset the htaccess File of Your WordPress Site Using FTP

Sometimes, changes to a .htaccess file, whether manually or via a tool with appropriate access, renders a WordPress site inoperable. It might be that all pages 404, or there is simply a white screen without errors, or you get redirected to weird places, or you have the inability to login. Whatever the case, for me, […]

Enhancing Site Usability with Toggle Media

WordPress can embed certain kinds of media content into posts and pages; using the oEmbed protocol. But appearance and usability issues can occur, when this capability is rendered on mobile devices; like smartphones. In this example, we see that media embedding can take up much of the phone’s screen, clipping the media horizontally, and that […]

Tricks and Treats to Scare up Engagement for Your Halloween Social Media

Halloween is huge and has become an adult party holiday with costume contests, haunted houses and millions being spent every year on even more elaborate decorations and costumes, so how can your business get in the conversation? Here are 6 ideas so scary, they just might work. 1) Host a Halloween event with a social […]

Create a WordPress Admin User for A WordPress Site via MySQL (PHPMyAdmin)

One of our users site got hacked and the WP Admin user account password was changed by the hacker. This essentially locked the user out of his admin dashboard. It is best (for situations like this) to just create a new admin user account to gain access to WP admin dashboard and fix things as […]

How to Link Your WordPress Site to Facebook

This is a follow up article for the how do I create a successful blog series that we have been publishing on this site to help users get started and create a successful blog. Many WordPress bloggers like to be the original sharer of their newly posted content. They may share it to Facebook or […]

How To Create an Attractive Subscribe & Follow Box For Your WordPress Blog

Your WordPress blog isn’t the only place that you should be adding fresh content to. It’s important these days to also add new content to social networks as well. Most of the time, webmasters create profiles and pages on social sites that are specific to just one web site (or niche that they are in). […]

How to Completely Delete a WordPress Blog

When clients ask me how to delete their WordPress blog, after a couple minutes of conversation I learn that, in most cases, they just want to take it off the web temporarily. To do that is very simple. I’ll explain how below but if you truly want to delete the blog and everything associated with […]

How to Create a Custom WordPress Page Template (Video Tutorial)

We published a tutorial on how to create a Custom Page Template in WordPress a while back. Since then we received many requests from our readers to create a video tutorial on this topic so we are following up with a video tutorial covering the basics on how to create a custom WordPress page template. […]

10 Plugins to Improve the Usability of WordPress Blogs

WordPress is a quality platform that many of us use. It is very popular and has much to offer. In fact, there are almost too many options in terms of plugins and widgets to add to our blogs. These may make our sites look great and add value to what we are offering, but they […]