Software License Manager & Product Communication

Important Note: The intended audience for this article are software developers, with an intermediate level (2+ years) understanding of Internet and programming concepts. Previously, we introduced the concept of Software License Managers (SLM); and the important role they play, both in increasing product sales and protecting intellectual property. In this article, we’re going to discuss how a […]

License to Run – Introduction to Software License Managers

Anyone who used a Microsoft product in the last 16 years, whether it’s been Windows or Office, has experienced the software activation process; in which a license key is used to “lock” a product instance, you paid for, to a specific device.  In the case of Office, you are even allowed to unlock and re-lock […]

Top 12 Reasons Your Website Needs to be Responsive to grow Your Business

Have you been outside lately? You know how you are seeing more people using tablets and smartphones? Well, it’s not a trend as much as the norm any more. Walking around, we are plugged in to our mobile device. At some restaurants, the waiter or waitress takes our order. Mobile is ubiquitous. So why, why, […]

How to Add Meta Boxes to Provide Extra Content for WordPress Posts

I started a new blog several months back and I wanted to include extra boxes on the WordPress edit/add post screen to provide extra “behind the scenes” data. More specifically I started to learn more about how meta tags (HTML elements that aren’t shown in the browser unless “viewing source”) can influence what is shown […]

How To Create an Attractive Subscribe & Follow Box For Your WordPress Blog

Your WordPress blog isn’t the only place that you should be adding fresh content to. It’s important these days to also add new content to social networks as well. Most of the time, webmasters create profiles and pages on social sites that are specific to just one web site (or niche that they are in). […]

How to Create A Landing Page In WordPress

The more you play with WordPress and dare to venture past the obvious features it offers, the more you will discover how flexible and full of useful functionality it is. In this brief tutorial we will be taking a look at how you can use the power of WordPress to manipulate output on a page […]

How to Effectively Use the Color Red On Your Web Site

This article  is a continuation of the color, theme and design tips article series that I have been covering on this site. You may want to read the following two articles first (if you haven’t done so already) Color psychology and how it affects your site Color theory tips In this article I talk about designing with […]

How To Easily Add Google Web fonts To Your WordPress Theme

Having a cool website with amazing content is just part of the many ingredients which will determine how well it is received by your readers and how nice the user experience is. Another crucial aspect of your website is its typography. Typography is a term which relates to your site’s fonts and the overall arrangement […]

Color Theory Tips – Give Your Site Design a Facelift

This is a follow-up from the Color Psychology and How it Affects Your Site article. Using color on your site is a great way to show individuality and creativity, however too much color can have a negative or unwanted effect. In this article I will cover color theory, harmony and basic rules on how to use color. […]

Color Psychology and How it Affects Your Site

As a designer, website owner, or marketer it is important to know how color affects your target audience. There are many factors that contributes to how someone perceives color. While some of these factors are uncontrollable as they are mentally controlled, there are some that we can control as designers. Some of the outside factors […]