Top 12 Reasons Your Website Needs to be Responsive to grow Your Business

Have you been outside lately? You know how you are seeing more people using tablets and smartphones? Well, it’s not a trend as much as the norm any more. Walking around, we are plugged in to our mobile device. At some restaurants, the waiter or waitress takes our order. Mobile is ubiquitous. So why, why, […]

How to Effectively Use the Color Red On Your Web Site

This article  is a continuation of the color, theme and design tips article series that I have been covering on this site. You may want to read the following two articles first (if you haven’t done so already) Color psychology and how it affects your site Color theory tips In this article I talk about designing with […]

The Importance of Buttons and Strong Calls to Action

Whether you are trying to convert targeted visitors to buyers, or curious web surfers to “FREE” members, the recipe you will usually need to follow when constructing your landing page is the same: that is, you must strive to have an unambiguous and clear call to action on your web page. Some Internet Marketers like […]

A Cloud With a Silk Lining & The Kindle Fire

When Amazon launched the Kindle Fire recently you could be excused if your initial thoughts were whether we really need another mobile tablet device on the market. However, when the features and capabilities were revealed it quickly became apparent that this is not just another tablet device akin to the very popular iPad or the […]

6 Best JQuery Lightbox Scripts to Show Your Images Using Lightbox Effect

Do you remember life without the lightbox? It wasn’t that long ago, yet lightboxes are popping up everywhere, literally. In 2006, the first lightbox script was released by Lokesh Dhakar and has become a staple for websites and blogs alike. Though they’re mainly used for larger items, even companies like Facebook have adopted lightboxes to […]

Basic Guide to CSS

Many people want to make simple CSS changes but do not know where to start or are afraid that they will change the wrong thing. As a result of this I get asked a lot of CSS related questions from new WordPress users. The fact is that learning CSS is not really that hard. Once […]

Spice up your WordPress Site with JQuery

Designing your site with a slick, stylish look, along with some cool Ajax-y features definitely impresses the visitors. They’ll come to your site more, the traffic goes up and the revenue grows. Yes, it does require a lot of work involving CSS/JavaScript and HTML, but that’s why JQuery is here for! This lightweight JavaScript framework […]