How to Reset the htaccess File of Your WordPress Site Using FTP

Sometimes, changes to a .htaccess file, whether manually or via a tool with appropriate access, renders a WordPress site inoperable. It might be that all pages 404, or there is simply a white screen without errors, or you get redirected to weird places, or you have the inability to login. Whatever the case, for me, […]

How to Protect Your WordPress Website with All In One WP Security

Protecting your website is something that many WordPress users fail to do. It usually takes a hack attempt on their website to help them realize that they need to be proactive about securing their website. For many, the task of securing a WordPress website seems daunting; however it needn’t be as you can secure your […]

Monitoring 404 Events on Your WordPress Site

Many common HTTP errors have numbers associated with them. The most common of all HTTP errors is the 404. And techy or not you have probably heard of it, or at least stumbled across one in your web travels. Essentially the 404 triggers when a visitor attempts to visit a page on a web site […]

Advanced WordPress Security Tips

This is a follow-up from the Essential WordPress Security Tips article. In general WordPress is pretty secure as long as you apply common sense and follow standard security practices. The tips mentioned in this article are for added security (you don’t need to apply them all). However, if you are in the mood for some […]