A better way to protect and sell your PDF eBook files from WordPress

WP PDF Stamper Plugin – Stamp Your eBooks with Customer Details to Discourage File Sharing

1. Are you selling eBooks or PDF files from your WordPress site?

2. Are you concerned that one of your customers might upload your eBook on a file sharing site and you will lose sales?

3. Would you like to automatically stamp the header or footer of your PDF files with the customer’s personal details (example: name, email, address) upon purchase to discourage sharing?

If you have answered “yes” to all of the above then the WP PDF Stamper plugin will be the perfect solution for your site.

Plugin Summary

The WP PDF Stamper plugin allows you to dynamically stamp a PDF file with the customer’s details (example: name, email, address etc.) upon purchase. The PDF stamper then sends the stamped copy of the PDF file (your eBook) to the customer via email. If you are wondering why it is important to stamp the PDF eBook before giving it to your customer then this page is for you.

Additionally, you can password protect the stamped PDF files with the customer’s email address and encrypt the PDF files to prevent users from being able to copy, modify or print the content of the file.

Plugin Features

Below are just some of the notable features of the WP PDF Stamper Plugin:

  • wordpress icon

    Easy Installation

    Easy installation like any of our other WordPress plugins.

  • protect ebooks

    eBook Protection

    Protect your eBook(s) from being shared on the file sharing sites.

  • Password protection PDF files

    Password Protect PDF Files

    Password protect your stamped PDF files with the customer’s email address or with a fixed password.

  • stamp ebooks

    Stamp eBooks

    Stamp the customer’s details to the header or footer of every eBook (PDF file) that you sell.

  • Encrypt PDF files

    Encrypt PDF Files

    Automatically encrypt the stamped PDF files to prevent users from being able to copy, modify or print the content of the file.

  • Works with all PDF versions

    Supports All Adobe PDF Versions

    The PDF stamper plugin supports all Adobe PDF versions and formats. It will work with complex PDF files that contains links, forms, videos, images, table of contents etc.

  • stamp encoded details

    Stamp Encrypted Customer Details

    The PDF stamper plugin allows you to stamp encrypted value of the customer details. For example: instead of stamping a plain email address, you can stamp an encoded version of the email address. You will be able to decode it to get the original value.

  • Preserve PDF file content

    Preserve PDF File Content

    The stamper plugin will preserve the content of your PDF files. So it will work fine even if you have links, bookmarks, multimedia elements, forms etc. in your PDF file.

  • PayPal Integration

    Easy PayPal Integration

    Can be easily integrated with a PayPal “Buy” button. If you are selling PDF files using a PayPal button then this option will be very useful for you. Read details here.

  • ClickBank Integration

    ClickBank Integration

    Can be integrated with ClickBank so you can sell your PDF eBooks via ClickBank. Read details here.

  • wordpress shopping cart icon

    Easy WP eStore Integration

    Pre-integrated with the WP eStore (WordPress Shopping Cart) plugin so your PDF eBooks will be automatically stamped upon purchase then delivered to your customer via secure encrypted link.

  • woocommerce integration

    Easy WooCommerce Integration

    The PDF stamper plugin can be integrated with Woo-Commerce. So your PDF eBooks purchased via that plugin will be stamped with customer info and then delivered to the user.

  • ssl certificate icon

    Works with HTTPS Pages

    PDF Stamper plugin works with https pages out of the box (useful if you are using an SSL certificate on your website).

  • free upgrade icon

    Free Future Upgrades

    Free future improvements and upgrades (there is no annual fee). You will always have access to the latest version of the plugin for free.

  • great support icon

    Great Support

    Checkout our customer only forum to see how we handle product related issues (usually within 24 hours).

Plugin Demo

Footer Stamp Visual Overview

Footer Stamp Visual Overview

Documentation & Technical Support

If you are having any issue with this plugin then feel free to leave a comment in the comment area below or on the documentation site or post it on the customer only support forum.

Get the WP PDF Stamper Plugin

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WP PDF Stamper
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A plugin to stamp your PDF files with some personal details of the user
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Get the PDF Stamper Plugin now and stop loosing out on your eBook sales!

WP PDF Stamper (single site)
Protect your eBooks from being uploaded to file sharing sites by automatically stamping the footer or header of your PDF files with the customer's personal details (example: name, email, address) upon purchase! (Includes Free Updates) More Info

Check the Products page for bundled product deals.

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Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Comments (150 responses)

  1. Korin Iverson says:

    @George, You can use it for as many eBooks as you like (on one site). The PDF Stamper is only restricted to a single site install per license.

  2. George says:

    If I buy PDF Stamper Plugin, can I use it to sell a single book on my blog, or for everyone I want? Is there a maximum number of books to use your PDF Stamper plugin in a blog?

  3. Adriano says:

    @admin Thanks for your prompt reply!

    Second link seems to be the solution for the project of my client. Rest assured that we will be buying the plugin within few days!

  4. admin says:

    @Adriano, The following WooCommerce integration should work for any items that you are selling via WooCommerce:

    The following option can also be helpful if you just want to allow the logged in customers to be able to stamp and download a PDF file:

  5. Adriano says:

    The plugin looks great and it seems to be the solution I’m looking for but…

    Can I still stamp PDF files if the price of the file is zero (free)? I’m currently using WooCommerce and need to stamp my PDF files which are free.

  6. admin says:

    @Michael, Not at the moment. We recommend using it with our WP eStore plugin.

  7. Michael says:

    Can this plugin be used with WP Simple Payment Shopping Cart?

  8. Korin Iverson says:

    @Rob, Yes you can access stamped files.

  9. Rob says:

    Can I access PDF Files that have been stamped?

  10. Korin Iverson says:
  11. Chris says:

    I want to encode the information that is stamped. I want to do this so I track the PDF’s but keep the persons information private.

  12. admin says:

    @Dariush, Please send us the URL where we can go and see the price display issue and we will look into it.

  13. Hi we are having an issue with the PDF stamper and the Price Display Settings in eStore.

    When a product is tagged to be stamped the Price Display Settings set in the admin section do not work any more.

    Can someone help please.

  14. admin says:

    @Alex, Will you be using the WP eStore plugin to sell the PDF file? eStore has free integration with Mailchimp and AWeber. So it will work like the following:

    1) A customer purchases the PDF file via eStore.
    2) He will get signed up to the autoresponder list.
    3) eStore will stamp the PDF file and then deliver it to the customer via an encrypted download link.

  15. Alex says:

    Hello, Can I integrate with aweber or mailchimp? After the purchase I want to put a customer in another list.

  16. admin says:

    @Jennifer, Yes you can do that. Please take a look at the following documentation:

  17. Jennifer says:

    Can I stamped a PDF file from a WordPress user’s record?

  18. Bertrand says:

    Excellent and very well done… I spent two whole days trying to code the same thing struggling with wordpress and woocommerce screwed APIs, decided to buy this one, and can confirm it is well worth the money, I wish I chose to buy it before wasting my time, kudos for the smooth work !

  19. Korin Iverson says:

    @Bonnie, Yes you can have a download button with member stamping when you used these 3 plugins together. This will allow your members to get updates and still have the file stamped.

  20. Bonnie says:

    If I use the eStore, PDF stamper and eMember can I give updates of my eBook that are also stamped?

  21. Korin Iverson says:

    @Manny, Yes we have WooCommerce integration now. You can read about this on the PDF Stamper documentation page.

  22. Manny says:

    Can the PDF Stamper be used with WooCommerce yet?


  23. admin says:

    @Jay, yes you can do that.

  24. Jay says:

    Can I install this on a multi-site network but only activate and use on a single site as it states (single site)?

  25. Kurt says:

    I want to say I love all your plugins. You guys do great work. I just purchased this plugin to add to my collection of Tips and Tricks plugins. Again you have not let me down, everything integrated seamlessly and your documentation made it easy to set up this plugin.

    Thank you ,

  26. Korin Iverson says:

    @TwilightFan, Yes you can stamp member details in a PDF file when using all 3 plugins together.

  27. TwilightFan says:

    Can you stamp member detail when using the eMember, PDF Stamper, and eStore?

  28. Fabian says:

    This plugins has worked perfectly out of the box and every time I update the plugin. I want to thank you guys for making great plugins I never have to worry about.


  29. admin says:

    Hi Jima, This plugin will work fine with a responsive theme.

  30. admin says:

    @Gayle, You can stamp any text that you want. The customer’s details are additional content that you can add to the stamp. Take a look at the pdf stamper video tutorials which will give you a better idea:

  31. Jima P says:

    Hello team,
    I’m thinking selling eBook, eMag on my website. My website is going responsive, I want people to reach me on their mobile devices. The question is would the plugin be effective with a responsive theme. I want to know before I buy it. Sorry to ask the question if it is already answered.

  32. Gayle says:

    Can I stamp with anything other than the standard paypal fields?

    I am using the full set – emember, estore, pdf stamper but rather the print the customer’s details, I want them to be able to provide a few words to be stamped. I am using this to personalise the ebook more than stop them copying.

  33. Martin says:

    I use this with the eStore and it works seamlessly on my eBook site.


  34. Ricky says:

    Just wanted to give this a thumbs up. I love your plugins and use most of them on my sites.

    The PDF Stamper is just what my eBook site needed. It has been a great plugin from day one.

    Ricky – satisfied customer =)

  35. Ivy says:

    @Lane. Yes we have added PDF Stamper integration with WooCommerce.

    Here is a link to the documentation for this integration: http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/wp-pdf-stamper/woocommerce-and-pdf-stamper-integration-197

  36. Lane says:

    Can I use WooCommerce with this plugin?

  37. Ivy says:

    @Raymond, Yes there is an option in the PDF Stamper that will allow you to manually stamp a PDF file. You can specify the information you want stamped.

  38. Raymond says:

    Can I manually stamp a PDF File with specific information for a client. For an example can I stamp a contact with the clients information?

  39. Lyn says:

    I agree with Troy the ClickBank and WP PDF Stamper integration is super easy. Thank you


  40. Troy says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for making this easy to use with ClickBank.

  41. Ivy says:

    @Gustavo, When using the eStore, eMember and PDF Stamper you have the following options.

    [wp_eStore_download_now_button_with_stamping id=1]

    When a logged in member of WP eMember plugin
    uses this button to download the the file it will stamp it
    using the details from eMember’s member info and
    serve the download.

  42. Gustavo says:

    Hi! Can I use this plugin without a purchase form? I have a closed site with a lot of PDFs and only logged members can see them. With this plugin, can I capture the infos of those logged in users and stamp the PDFs once they try to download them?
    Thanks in advance!

  43. Ivy says:

    @Yury, All of our plugins are designed to work out of the box without code modifications.

  44. Yury says:

    Do I need to make code modifications to use this plugin on my WordPress site or does it work out of the box?

  45. Ivy says:

    @Phil, For stamping a file with member information you would also need the eStore and the eMember. You can then offer a free download with the members details stamped in it.

  46. Phil says:

    Hi Guys,

    I want be able to use your product so that when a user goes to their account settings they have the option of downloading a file that will be stamped on the fly using your product – is this something that can happen if I purchase?

    My pdf is an add-on to their subscription service, but I’d still like to secure it.

    Happy to consider alternatives solutions?



  47. Ivy says:

    @James, Yes this can be done. The PDF Stamper will display the customer name and email address for stamped files in the “manage stamped files” section of the admin.

  48. James says:

    When a file is stamped I need to be able to see the customers name in the manage files section of the Admin, can this be done with the PDF Stamper?

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