6 SEO Strategies That Can Generate Highly Targeted Traffic

Developing SEO strategies that can drive an immense amount of traffic to your site within a month is not an easy task, especially if you want your site’s visitors to convert into profits. Generating highly targeted traffic or visitors that have the intent of availing the services or products that you are offering is the best way to really earn from your website.

The good news is that there are many ways that you can do to hasten the process of having your site noticed by people who are in need of the information, services or products that you provide. Here are some of the ways that you can do to generate specifically targeted online visitors in under a month.

1. Target easy to rank long-tail keywords through blog posts

If your site has no blog section yet, then you better start including one. Blogs can benefit your business in so many ways, and consistently driving traffic to your site is one of them. Using long-tail keywords in your blog posts’ titles (eg. How to learn SEO), can extremely help your site’s performance in terms of traffic generation, seeing as this strategy can very much take your blog posts on top of SERPs without further improving them through off-page optimization or link building.

Blog posts can naturally rank on their own basing on its topical relevance as seen by search engines, and taking advantage of low competition keywords will make your pages rank on the top page of SERPs in no time, which means more organic traffic to your site.

2. Targeting 3 -5 keywords for each page on your site

Creating your pages or blog posts with the intent of ranking for more than 2 keywords is always a smart move, since it will allow your site to draw more relevant traffic along the process. Say, if your site has 15 blog posts or pages on its first month, and each page are targeting 3 different keywords. Doing the math will give you a result of 45 keywords giving you constant traffic within a month.

Doing this strategy is very simple, wherein you just have to use or combine your targeted keywords on your page or post’s title, URL and on the body copy (eg. Top 10 advanced on-page SEO strategies). With the given example of a post title you are able to target 7 keywords that you can use within the body of the content, including:

  • Advanced on-page SEO strategies
  • On-page SEO strategies
  • On-page SEO
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced SEO strategies
  • Advanced on-page SEO
  • On-page optimization strategies
  • On-page SEO techniques

3. Dofollow blog commenting

Commenting on blogs with the same theme as your site – particularly blogs that allow dofollow attributed links on their comment section – is one of the most effective ways to promoting your site as well as in improving your keywords’ search rankings. This technique has a lot of advantages and can certainly take your campaign a long way, given that this method allows you to acquire relevant backlinks and can possibly build relationships with other bloggers related to your niche.

Networking with other bloggers is extremely beneficial, especially with higher value link placements such as special mentions, in-content links (used as a resource), guest blogging opportunities and sponsored reviews. Anyway, leaving comments on blogs with the use of your keywords as anchor texts can help improve its search rankings in just weeks, particularly if the links that you’ve built are from topically relevant pages and are dofollow attributed.

4. Guest blog posting

Guest blogging has been known to be a link building method that’s really advantageous in terms of driving relevant traffic, acquiring high quality links, passing through Pagerank and in improving SERP rankings. It’s best to choose blogs that are relevant to your site, have high page ranks and receives a lot of traffic on their site (can be based through Alexa traffic rank).

In choosing the topic to write for guest postings, writing topics that are strictly about the keywords you are aiming at is the most effective way to get most out of this technique, since the link that you’ll be able to build through your author bio will have higher scores basing on its relevance as well as in targeting the audience that will be able to read it.

5. Forum participation

Forum posting is a good start for any campaign, especially if you choose to participate on high PR and high traffic forum sites. The best way to benefit from this method is to establish an expert or knowledgeable image through this channel, and not just focusing on building links through your signature.

Establishing yourself through forum sites and being genuinely active in participating with the community can bring you targeted visitors and interested clients within a month, so spending 30 minutes a day on 1 or 2 authority forums around your site’s industry is certainly worth it.

6. Article submission and converting your articles

This link building method has proven its worth over the past decade and is still known to be one of the most effective ways in generating consistent traffic as well as highly relevant links that can boost your search rankings.  The best thing about article marketing is that it’s capable of building solid links as it gets syndicated naturally, particularly if you have written a solid and informative article. Submitting an exceptionally written article to several highly trusted article directories (such as Ezinearticles, Articlesbase, Goarticles, Amazines, and many more) can enhance its chances of getting scraped or used by other sites that are seeking for quality content to be posted, which gives you more extra links and of course, more traffic.

But there’s more to this method than just the traditional article marketing, you can as well convert your articles to other formats for more exposure and external links pointing to your site. Converting your articles to PDF, podcasts, slide/powerpoint presentation and videos, and then submitting them to their respective directories can extremely amplify your site’s traffic in a short period of time, given that these formats have higher chances of ranking high on search engine result pages.

The post on search engine optimization techniques has more general SEO tips.

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    Any company that wishes to have an online presence will stand to benefit from having a blog, and good SEO strategies. I think the 6 strategies highlighted in this article would definitely help any new website to gain that first volume of traffic. Still, having consistently good content would keep your audience coming back, so do not forget that too.

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    It seems you practice what you preach by optimising the SEO on your website as well. One other advice is to use link exchanging with sites that are related to your own. Though it is an age old technique, it still works if you make the effort to review other websites for compatibility and make an offer to exchange links. Giving a good review of the other website and posting it on your blog is a sure way to get a backlink from the other site.

  10. Thanks for the SEO tips, trying to promote my website.

  11. William says:

    Are there any forums with high PageRank? I know the main page of most forums have some PageRank but i have never seen a thread with PR.

    @Technopolis, yes there is. Check the backlinks of a website in your niche and you will find plenty of them:)

  12. thanks for article Jason
    About number 3, Is there a way of finding high pr blogs with dofollow links?

  13. Mark Sim says:

    Ever since we started our SEO efforts we have always invested heavily in forum participation. It is for us more than simply making our presence known, but we genuinely have an interest and participate fully in those conversations that pertain to our business. Not only does this make for non-spammy SEO but also encourages ongoing conversations.

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    Thanks for your information… It is useful to SEO Freshers who are interested to get more traffic to their sites….

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  19. Jason Acidre says:

    Hi Dimitry,

    You can still target those 2 different keywords at the same time, given that they semantically relevant. If you’ll include “on-page optimization” in the meta description of a page entitled with the keywords “on-page SEO”, then you’re getting your content tagged for the 2 keywords 🙂


  20. I’m not sure about point #2 (targeting 3 -5 keywords for each page).
    Yes, you can use a long-tail keyword phrase which included a couple of variations.
    It is true. But your example…
    You can have a good position for “Advanced on-page SEO strategies” but not for “On-page optimization strategies”. There are two different key phrases. Very close but different.

  21. Chris Quinn says:

    Clients don’t realize that long-tail keywords can pay off. Especially when targeting micro niche categories. This is a great article. I just found your site. Thank you.

  22. Great article! I particularly align with forum participation! This is huge. I’ve gotten tons of traffic from forums. I’ve gotten opt-ins, sold products and most importantly, built awesome relationships with people.

    Guest blog posting is huge as well! Great way to spread your name, link and style out there in the blogosphere!

  23. Fred Joseph says:

    Targeting long tail keywords is better for beginner bloggers who would otherwise be frustrated seeing that their posts are nowhere to be seen on the search engine results. As their site grows in popularity they can stop worrying so much about the competition.

  24. Another distinct advantage of using longer keywords is that it takes less time to see results. It’s possible to write just one article using a longer keyword and have it placed on the first page of Google within days. You would be seeing traffic to your site almost immediately.

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    especially the point 6! it sounds very interesting, converting the articles into the videos, pdfs, etc, yes, and perhaps creating ebooks.

    I also find the article marketing very attractive. Just recently one of my articles caught great attention- over 1400 visitors in just 6 hours…and it happened because the title was so simple and left the reader curious.

    BTW, your tip:
    “the process of having your site noticed by people who are in need of the information, services or products that you provide.”
    is the key…

    thanks a lot!

  27. Zack says:

    Having a blog is an advantage in many ways. It shall drive more traffic to your site, and also since your site is getting more content regularly, search engines will regularly index your site. Likewise forum posting is also a good method of traffic generation and seo. But i have seen article submission to be the best of all.

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    Article submission is a really easy way to get pingback as well as traffic. I have been submitting many articles on Ezinearticles for a long time and it increased my traffic.

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