How to Take a DataBase Backup Using the All in One WP Security Plugin

Short of a config file or two, and a couple data folders, the WordPress database contains pretty much all of the settings and content for a WordPress web site. Everything from user data, categories, taxonomies, comments, settings, posts and more are stored in the database. It is being read from and written to regularly during […]

Database Recovery Techniques

Preventing data loss is one of the most critical issues involved in managing database systems. Data can be lost as a result of many different problems: Hardware failures Viruses Incorrect use of UPDATE and DELETE statements Software bugs Disasters, such as fire or flood To prevent data loss, you can implement a recovery strategy for […]

How to Uninstall and Reinstall WordPress

In this post I have explained how you can uninstall and reinstall WordPress. You will rarely think about uninstalling/reinstalling WordPress on your site unless you start having ‘Apache security mod rewrite and htaccess’ issue like myself.  I decided to Reinstall WordPress on one of my sites after trying numerous fixes to solve the issue and […]