BoldGrid WordPress Website Builder Review + Guide

Out of the gate, I would like to share with you the features that excite me the most about BoldGrid. I read their entire web site and Marketing materials, including the content on their partner sites, as well as their About and Mission, and watched the videoss, etc, so I have lots to say and […]

Need Help Finding a WordPress Host? Here’s a Complete Guide

So, why should you pay for hosting when there are “hosted solutions” available, that are often free? It’s true… you can launch a web site or blog using a free platform. There are heaps of them. You’ve got the likes of:, Blogger (or Blogspot), Tumblr, Medium… and a host of others… even niche-specific hosted […]

What is the Value of a Domain Name?

So, what is a domain name worth? The answer that I have to this question, largely goes against the mainstream conversation of valuating a domain. In fact, I don’t even think that the answer needs to be long and drawn out. It’s simple. Call it a cop out response, but the answer is simply: a […]

Choosing The Best WordPress Hosting

OK, let’s get it out of the way now that there is no OFFICIAL WordPress host. And what constitutes as the “best” is truthfully a matter of opinion for the most part. And of course, when there is no desire to have your own hosting space and a self-hosted blog, would be the official […]

How to Move Your WordPress Blog to a New Host

There is more than one way to skin a cat, and the same is true of moving a WordPress blog from one server to another. The process can also vary when other factors are in play, like if a new domain name is being used, as one major example. It also depends a lot on […]