How to Create WordPress blog posts and pages (Video Tutorial)

wp_post_editThis post is aimed at the WordPress beginners who are looking for a tutorial on how to create a WordPress post with video instructions.

How to Create a post in WordPress

Creating a post in WordPress is really simple.

  • Login to the WordPress dashboard by visiting
  • Click on ‘Add New’ from the ‘Posts’ menu once you are inside the WordPress admin panel
  • There are four main and important sections in a post that you should fill in before publishing the post
    • The post title
    • Post content
    • Tags
    • Categories
  • Give the post a nice title.
  • Add the post content in the content section.
  • Add relevant tags for this post.
  • Add the post to the relevant category (Create a category if a relevant category doesn’t exist).
  • Publish the post by hitting the ‘Publish’ button.

Few Post Editing How Tos

  • To add a more tag in the post just position the cursor at the appropriate place then click on the ‘Insert More Tag’
  • To create a header text just select the text then chose the desired Heading style
  • To insert bulleted list just click on the Ordered List button
  • To add the post to a Category just tick the desired category from the categories list
  • If a relevant category doesn’t exist then click on the ‘Add New Category’ and add it
  • To add relevant tags just type in the Tags in the Tags box
  • To save the post just click on ‘Save Draft’ anytime
  • To insert an image to the post, just click on the ‘Add an Image button
  • To add/embed YouTube video into your WordPress post simply copy the embed code from YouTube and paste it into your post in ‘HTML’ View. (It’s important that you paste the YouTube code in ‘HTML’ view and not the ‘Visual’ view)

Good Practice Tips

  • Save the post frequently (just in case something goes wrong and you lose power to your computer)
  • Always preview the post before publishing to make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to look.
  • Check spelling. (Reading an article full of spelling mistakes can be very annoying)
  • Do a proof reading and fix the grammatical errors if any.
  • Use the ‘All in all SEO’ WordPress plugin to optimize the post for search engines.

How to Create a post or page in WordPress (Video Tutorial)

In this video I have demonstrated:

  • How to create a post in WordPress.
  • How to create a page in WordPress.
  • How to insert an image to your post.
  • How to embed a YouTube video into your post.

If the video goes too fast for you then use the pause button to pause it.

If you have any question please leave it in the comment area below and I will try to answer it. Any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Great video tutorial! I was wondering how to embed a video in my blog post and this is just the information I was looking for. I’ll be sure to check back for any Word press related queries I might have.

  2. Paul Web says:

    WordPress is a great alternative for those who don’t have any web design and web development knowledge. It’s a fairly easy to install if you know how to create databases, otherwise there are some really helpful information on the internet. A thing that’s good when using WordPress is that change the way your website looks like by using CSS as well as change images.

  3. John Gamings says:

    This is fairly basic info, but high quality nonetheless

  4. Well, I have to say that I had lot of issues right from the start when I came into the field of blogging and that includes creating posts in word press as well. The recent issue I had was when I try to post blogs I am getting a big surprise because I do not see any content of the matter I have added to the title of the topic (It was about luxury cars). The only thing I can see is the title and I must say that this issue has been testing my patience until now and I am so glad that this video tutorial really helped me out!

  5. Don’t forget that to help your post get a slightly better ranking the use your keyword in the title and don’t forget to use it a couple of times in the body of the post as well.

  6. what do you suggest i do to post to my blog via email. i set it up in wordpress and when I send the article it doesn’t look correct on my blog. you only see the title of the post (which is from my subject line) and the link to the article. i’ve noticed on some blogs that it looks like as if the article was written in the blog itself but it references where the article was from. I find lot’s of great articles from NY Times on credit and I want it to show up on my blog where people can read it from my blog, not find the NY Times link on my blog and leave. Any suggestions?

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