How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Adding Google Analytics to WordPress is a painless process. There are numerous ways to do it. Today, we will follow some simple steps to get it added. There is a plugin in the WordPress Plugin Repository that allows us to not only add the Google Analytics code, but load it in such a way that […]

7 Ways You Can Use Google Analytics To Power Your Marketing Efforts

Google Analytics is the world’s most popular web analytics application, used by almost every other webmaster. According to SimilarTech, almost 61% of the top 1 million websites (Alexa rankings) use Google Analytics. However, most webmasters don’t use Google Analytics to its full potential. Studies indicate that almost 80% of ecommerce retailers use Google Analytics incorrectly. […]

Top 10 SEO Tools and Add-ons for Your Online Business

The phrase SEO tool is an umbrella term that includes any piece of software or service which can: help you improve your website’s visibility build a credible online brand garner strategic and competitive intelligence research keywords and links track social media performance create better content and grow your website Because of this, SEO tools are […]

How to Install Google Analytics Tracking into a WordPress Web Site

This is a follow up article for the how do I start a successful blog series that we have been publishing on this site to help users get started and create a successful blog. Google Analytics (GA) is the de facto standard for tracking the statistics for properties on the web. It is free to […]

5 Tips On How To Make Your Blog Visitors Stay Longer

The length of time that you can keep your visitors on your website can be a crucial factor in determining how successful your blog will be. Simply getting traffic in the form of thousands of unique visitors daily is meaningless if the time they spend on your site is less than a few seconds or […]

Choosing The Right Keywords For Your Ad Campaigns (Part 2)

In part 1 of this article series your were introduced to the important and elementary aspects of keyword research and how they apply to your ad campaigns. We also outlined the various keyword match types and their different behaviours when applied to a search engine query. In this article we’ll continue with the subject of […]

Choosing The Right Keywords For Your Ad Campaigns (Part 1)

If you are thinking of using an ad campaign such as AdWords to help boost your business’s bottom line then you should be aware that there is nothing more essential to an AdWords or any other type of online ad campaign than your keywords. It doesn’t matter whether you’re bidding on search terms or deciding […]

How to Track Google Analytics Events from Your WordPress Site

You are probably using a WordPress Google Analytics plugin to track your page visits and other traffic related statistics already but what if you wanted to track how many times a particular button or link gets clicked? You can use Google Analytics event tracking to get more insights into the following type of scenarios: Does […]

Recap of Google AdWords Basics – Improve Your Ad Performance

Meet David. David is 28, he recently started an online T-Shirt selling business. He was looking for ways to promote his site to increase sales. Everyone told him to sign-up for a Google AdWords account and use it to advertise his products online. So David signed up for an AdWords account and created some ads. […]

Web Analytics 101 – Learn Which Analytics Data You Should be Using

If you are running a small website, chances are you’ve already heard of Web Analytics. If you haven’t, it is a tool for measuring traffic of your website. It provides data on the number of visitors, page views etc to gauge the popularity of the site. For many people, using analytics is limited to watching […]