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WordPress Membership Plugin – WP eMember

WordPress eMember is a powerful WordPress Membership Plugin that can turn your existing or new WordPress site into a fully featured membership site easily.

Install the plugin, follow our video tutorials and within minutes you will have your own membership site ready to go!

WP eMember lets you selectively protect articles by creating various membership levels (example: Free, Basic, Premium, Ultimate etc.) and protect the content (posts, pages, comments etc) of your site. The plugin manages all the membership management side of things.

Best of all, we keep the plugin updated to work with the current version of WordPress, provide support to our customers and it doesn’t break when you upgrade.

What is a Membership Site?

A membership website will have specific content for members of the site. The content could be tutorials, videos, ebooks, digital downloads, news articles etc. Generally members have to pay a fee to become a member. It could be a one time fee or a recurring fee (billed per month/3 months/year etc) to get access to some or all of the members only content.

Membership Plugin Features

Below are just some of the notable features of the WP eMember Plugin:

  • wordpress icon

    Easy Installation & Setup

    Easy installation like any other WordPress plugin. Upload, activate, follow our video tutorials and you will be up and running within minutes.

  • fully automated icon

    Fully Automated Membership System

    Membership signup, profile maintenance, payments, account expiry, upgrade notification, cancellation, password reset is fully automated after you setup the plugin.

  • protect content

    Content Protection

    Selectively protect the full or a section of an article content. Create different membership levels and select what content (posts, pages, categories, comments) can be viewed by each membership level.

  • unlimited membership levels

    Unlimited Membership Levels

    Create “Basic”, “Premium”, “Ultimate”, or any other levels you want. Charge more for higher levels of access – all within the same WordPress site.

  • Multisite icon

    Multi Site License

    When you buy the WP eMember plugin you can use it on as many sites as you own (you gotta love that!). There is no “Developer Option” here. One low price entitles you to use the plugin on all of your sites.

  • Easy member management

    Easy Member Management

    View your members, membership level, account status and much more. Easily upgrade members, move them to different membership level, pause their membership, or delete them entirely.

  • manually approve members icon

    Manually Approve Members

    You can choose to manually approve the member accounts. There is also an option to send them an email when you approved the member account.

  • partial content protection

    Partial Content Display

    Easily protect a section or sections of a post or page to create teaser content. Only members with the correct permission can view the protected section content. How to do it is explained here.

  • access to multiple membership levels

    Assign Multiple Levels to Members

    Multiple membership levels can be assigned to a member’s profile. In this setup the member will be able to access content from all the different membership levels that he has in his profile.

  • automatic membership upgrade

    Automatic Membership Upgrade

    Schedule automatic upgrade of your members from one level to the next. For example, after 30 days, you can automatically upgrade members from a “Silver” level to “Gold” level which will allow them to view the content of this new level.

  • member after login redirection

    Login Redirection

    Set the first page your members see when they login. Even use a different redirection page for each membership level.

  • custom member registration field

    Custom Registration Fields

    You can customize what fields are included in the member registration form. You can also add custom registration fields to the member registration form. More details on custom registration fields can be found here.

  • easy design and usage

    Ease of Design and Usage

    Very easy to use the plugin and it seamlessly integrates into your existing WordPress site. No site or theme redesign necessary.

  • bookmarking feature

    Bookmarking Feature

    Your members can bookmark their favourite posts and pages on your site then view their bookmarks later. View bookmark feature details here.

  • CSV export feature

    Export Member Data to CSV File

    Ability to export all your members profile data to a CSV file. You can open the CSV file in Excel for further processing, analysis, formatting, or printing.

  • folder protection

    Download Folder Protection

    If you offer downloads for your members then you can use the folder protection feature. Users will need to provide valid login credentials to download any file from the protected folder.

  • Secure RSS feed for members

    Secure RSS Feeds

    Secure RSS feeds allow your members to view their membership material in their favorite RSS reader (non-members cannot access the feed).

  • icon

    Stable Membership Plugin

    Our plugin code-base is very stable. We put a lot effort into testing and developing our plugins so it doesn’t break your site after you upgrade.

  • free upgrade icon

    Free Future Upgrades

    Free future improvements and upgrades (there is no annual fee). You will always have access to the latest version of the plugin for free.

  • ssl certificate icon

    Works with HTTPS Pages

    WP eMember plugin works with https pages out of the box (useful if you are using an SSL certificate on your website).

  • PayPal Integration

    Easy PayPal Integration

    Can be easily integrated with a hosted or standard PayPal button. Both one time and subscription/recurring payments are supported. View details here.

  • Braintree gateway icon

    Braintree Payments Integration

    WP eMember plugin can be easily integrated with the Braintree buy now buttons (onsite checkout) to accept membership payment via Braintree gateway.

  • WooCommerce icon

    WooCommerce Integration

    WP eMember plugin can be integrated with the WooCommerce plugin to accept membership payment via WooCommerce.

  • Autoresponder icon

    Autoresponder Integration

    It can be integrated with Autoresponders (AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, MailPoet). This way the members automatically get signed up to your list/campaign for email marketing purpose.

  • Affiliate icon

    bbPress Forum Integration

    Can be integrated with bbPress forum plugin. This allows you to apply protection to the forum topics and replies. You can also make certain forums for members only.

  • Affiliate icon

    WordPress Affiliate Software Integration

    Can be integrated with the WordPress Affiliate Software Plugin. So if you decide to boost your membership signups by introducing an Affiliate Program later (award affiliates that redirect visitors who become your member) then all you have to do is activate the other plugin.

  • wordpress shopping cart icon

    WP eStore Integration

    Can be integrated with the WordPress eStore (WordPress Shopping Cart) plugin so you can create any type of payment buttons for your paid membership content.

  • Shopping cart documentation

    Detailed Documentation

    Scared of getting worthless product documentation after you purchase the product? Checkout the membership plugin documentation before you make a purchase.

  • great customer support

    Great Support

    One of our strong features is the support we offer to our customers. We always keep the plugin updated to work with latest version of WordPress. We guarantee that software bug (if any) will be fixed within a reasonable amount of time.

View the full list of WP eMember plugin features.

WP eMember Plugin Demo

Click on the button below to view a demo membership site created with this plugin

  • (use username: free123 and password: testpass to log in as a free member)
  • (use username: silver123 and password: silverpass to log in as a silver member)

live demo button

Video Preview

Free WP eMember Addons

You also get access to the following WP eMember addon plugins with your purchase of our WordPress membership plugin.

  • members list icon

    Members Profile Display

    The Members Profile Display Addon lets you display your member’s profile on a WordPress page so other visitors can view it. Easily show off your members list.

  • captcha addon icon

    Captcha Addon

    Using Captcha on the registration form is a great way to stop spam signups (if you offer free user registration). This plugin has a variety of captcha options that you can use on your member registration form.

  • affiliate lead capture icon

    Capture Affiliate Leads

    This addon allows you to capture each WP eMember user signup as affiliate leads if the user was referred by an affiliate. This can be helpful if you are using our affiliate plugin.

  • pricing table addon icon

    Membership Pricing Table

    This addon gives you the ability to create pricing tables for your membership levels. You can summarize the benefits of your main membership levels and how much it costs.

  • email broadcast addon icon

    Email Broadcast

    This addon gives you the ability to send an email broadcast to your members (all or a few selected members) from within the WordPress dashboard.

Documentation & Technical Support

If you are having any issue with this plugin then feel free to post it on the customer only support forum.

Please visit the demo and the documentation page to make sure you understand the capability of this plugin. You can also watch the video tutorials. If unclear let us know and we will try to clarify it for you.

Customer Feedback

We won’t waste your time with fake testimonials! Checkout the customer feedback page and see what some of our customers have to say about us.

A huge shout out to the team at Tips and Tricks HQ for providing the most fantastic, easy to use, plugins for WordPress. I highly recommend WP eMember product – simply awesome!

Lawrence Snow

You can also check the comment section below for more customer feedback.

Get the WP eMember Plugin Now

Plugin Summary
App Category
WordPress Plugin
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WordPress eMember
Date Modified
Operating System
WordPress 4.9
WordPress plugin to create free and paid membership sections on your website
File Format

Turn your existing or new WordPress site into a membership site easily. (Includes Free Lifetime Updates)

Frequently Bought Together

WP eMember + WP eStore
Sale Price: $79.95 (20% Discount)
Original Price: $99.90

See the Products page for more bundled product deals.

WP eMember Questions (F.A.Q)

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions

Comments (431 responses)

  1. Korin Iverson says:

    @David, Yes you can set it up so an Affiliate id is created when the membership is created.

  2. David says:

    I would like to use your WP eMember with your WP Affiliate platform plugin. I want the visitor who register on my website and became a member was immediately assigned his affiliate link, without having to register separately to affiliate program. Is there any way to do this?
    Thanks for your reply,

  3. Korin Iverson says:

    @Melissa, Yes we have a simple free add-on that will allow you to redirect non-members to a different page when they land on protected content.

  4. Melissa says:

    If someone lands on a protected page can they be sent to a different page.
    Something like they land on my protected page and they are not a member can I send them to something like a signup page?

  5. admin says:

    @Sunny, Thank you for your feedback. I will add it to my list.

  6. sunny says:

    Please can we get any support for payza (formerly alertpay ) payment gateway for recurring subscription

  7. Korin Iverson says:

    @ Dave, Yes, there is a free add-on that you can install which will allow you to do this. You can see all the eMember add-ons at the bottom of this page:

    The add-on you are looking for is called: Auto Redirect on Protected Pages Addon

  8. Dave says:

    When someone lands on a page that is protected can they be automatically redirected to the login page?

    What I am looking for is skipping the “content is protected message:” and having it just auto redirect to the login page.

  9. admin says:

    @Arthur, You can import WP users as members if the records are already in your WP users table. There is also an addon that lets you import users from a CSV file.

  10. Artur says:


    Is import users available from another database to this plugin?


  11. Korin Iverson says:

    @Jenny, Yes we have an option called do not allow simultaneous log-in.

    There are 2 options for this.

    Option 1: The user is logged out if another person tries to log into their account.

    Option 2: Only the current user can be logged into the account. Any other log-in attempts will not be successful.

  12. Jenny says:

    I need an option where only one user can be logged into the account at a time. Do you have an option where I can limit this?

    To make this a little more clear here is an example:
    Say John has a membership account and he is logged in. Now his wife wants to also log in. His wife would not be able to log-in until John logs out.

  13. admin says:

    @Mike, It seems like you have setup one time membership at the moment. If you want to charge recurring payment for membership, please setup a subscription payment (the documentation has more info on this). Let us know if you need help with setting up a subscription payment button.

  14. Mike Mahony says:

    How do I set this up so that the membership automatically renews? In other words, it doesn’t ever expire unless Paypal says the payment didn’t process. My test account just got an email saying it is going to expire in 10 days and that I have to manually renew. I don’t want that. Help!!

  15. admin says:

    @Kevin, Yes we have a free eMember addon to import users. There is also an interface in the plugin to import your existing WP users (if you have them). Passwords are not auto-generated. If you use our user creation API and write your own script to add members then you can leave the password field empty and it will auto generate a password. There is another free addon that lets you mass email to all your members.

    Please check the plugin documentation (see link above) and you will find more info on these and then you will be able to determine if it will work for you or not.

  16. Kevin Maines says:

    3 questions about the eMember plugin:
    1. Can I import member data?
    2. Are passwords auto-generated?
    3. Can I have username/password emailed after new members are added?

  17. Korin Iverson says:

    @John, Yes it is please see the following forum post:

  18. John says:

    Is this plugin compatible with a multisite network?

  19. admin says:

    @John, We have a generic autoresponder integration option too. If your autoresponder provider allows the following type of integration then you can use that option:

    Signup users just by sending an email to the list email address with the user’s email as the from address

    You can ask your provider if they have this option.

  20. John O says:

    I use none of the three autoresponders mentioned here. Is it possible to use other autoresponders?

  21. Korin Iverson says:

    @Mark, Yes our plugins are all compatible with the latest version of WordPress. We always test our plugins with upcoming releases to make sure our customers have no issues when updating.

  22. Mark says:

    I just want to verify that this is compatible with WordPress 3.9?

  23. admin says:

    @Brijesh, yeah there are shortcodes to do that.

  24. Brijesh says:

    Just another question. Can I create a My Account page for Members where they can see their membership levels, upgrade to a new membership, change profile details and things like that

  25. admin says:

    @Brijesh, yes you can add members manually from the admin dashboard to an all access level if you want (that member won’t have to pay anything).

  26. Brijesh says:

    Just a pre-purchase question. Does this plugin allow me to add members to one or all access/membership levels from the WordPress backend without those member paying obviously? Its for providing access to internal employees

    Thanks in advance

  27. Korin Iverson says:

    @Cammie, Yes you can protect content based on member id instead of membership level. There is even an option to set an after login redirect page on a per member bases. This way you can redirect them straight to their content once they login.

  28. Cammie says:

    Hi, I have clients that I need to only have access to their information I post for them. I want to know if I can restrict access to pages based on a member and not a membership level?

    The content is member based as they are documents and images for that client only.

  29. admin says:

    @Jordan, Yes you can do that by using a subscription payment model with this plugin. You will create a PayPal subscription button that will have a 28 days free trial and then it will charge 9.99 per month. When visitors want to become a member, they will have to go through the transaction process (it won’t charge anything for the 1st 28 days). You can add these free trial members to a membership level that has limited permission to view content. After 28 days, you will use the auto upgrade feature to automatically upgrade their account to a membership level with full permission. If they cancel the subscription, the account will be deactivated.

  30. Jordan says:


    I want to create a website where users can sign up for a free 28 days period but you have to provide your card credentials on registration, they will be able to view limited content.

    Then after a 28 days, it automatically takes monthly payments of 9.99. in which they can view all content.

    Does this plugin support that? we will need 3 different levels. Free, Trial & Paid levels. (plus admin /editor levels for our staff.)

  31. Korin Iverson says:

    @Casey, Yes there is an option to limit simultaneous log-ins.

  32. Casey says:

    will emember limit simultaneous log-in per user, so someone can’t share their membership with a group of friends and be logged-in at same time?

  33. admin says:

    @Gilberth, You continue to use your existing user roles. You can simply tell eMember what role should be assigned to a user when a new account is created for a particular membership level and eMember will do that. Regarding the bbPress membership integration, check our documentation here:

  34. gilberth says:

    Hello, I need a certain role that can only see a bbpress forum content, the plugins wp emember create a new user role or create a new capabilities directly to the user?

  35. admin says:

    @Sondre, The video on the following documentation page will help you:

  36. Sondre Selnes says:

    After installing wp_eMemeber plugin, I do not get the member-login. join-us and registration pages. What can I do? to get them showing up under pages in wp?

  37. admin says:

    @Cah, There is already a content protection interface in the post/page editor area. When you are editing a post/page, look for a section called “eMember Protection Options” below your editor and you will see it.

  38. Cah Borneo says:

    Hi Admin..
    I really like this emember plugin and I have used it 2 years later.
    I just want a suggestion, can you add a shortcode button to the WYSIWYG area.
    I mean, I do it will facilitate protectionism content manually.
    Sorry, my grammar is damaged. Hopefully you get my drift.

  39. admin says:

    @Bente, If you are using the manually approve membership feature then the account is not active until you (the admin) set the status of the account to active. The subscription start date value is set to the date the member pays/registers for the account.

  40. Bente says:


    We’re using the WP eMembers plug in and it’s working great! But we do have one question: For “Members” and “Manage Members” there’s a headline called “Subscription Starts”. What does this mean? It should be obvious, but it’s not. For some members that are still pending (we haven’t approved them yet), when looking at the date for “Subscription Starts”, it looks like they’re already approved because the date is yesterday or earlier. Can you explain this?

    Thank you!


  41. Korin Iverson says:

    @James, You can create products that have a product and membership level.

    Example: The customer purchases your eBook they also get access to the gold membership level (this can be whatever membership level you want it to be).

    Note your product can also be multiple items.

    Example: You can have a bundle product such as an eBook, MP3, video and a membership level. The membership can be added to any product.

  42. James says:

    I recently purchased eStore and have had great success with it! I’m thinking of purchasing emember, but I have a quick question. Is it possible to create a bundled deal using emember and estore? For example, can I sell a digital product and at the same time direct people to a “create a user account” page to give these purchasers access to paid material? I would only like to give people who have paid the option to create an account. Thanks!

  43. admin says:

    @Bente, The plugin has a manual member approval feature that you can use. When this feature is enabled, it allows you (the admin) to check every membership signup requests and approve or deny it.

  44. Bente says:


    I’m considering using this plugin and have a question. Is there a way to accept or deny people who try to sign up as members (ie. by receiving an email)? Most of my site is open for everyone, but I do have content that not everyone visiting the site should be able to access.

    Thank you!


  45. admin says:

    @Tejas, The plugin does track the IP address of all your members who logs into your site. You can set it to block a user’s account if the same login credential is used from more than X number of IP addresses.

    Also, this plugin has a feature whereby you can disable simultaneous logins so one set of login credentials can’t be used to log into the site at the same time from different computers.

  46. Tejas says:

    Hi Ivy
    One important question to ask.
    Lately, members share their login info on forums (via PMs) and I stand to lose revenue. Is it possible your plugin could track the Member’s IP? Not full, but only the first half, say 192.168. so as to allow for DHCP address change?
    Moreover such incidents can immediately be informed to me, so as to ban the member (without telling him what the actual reason was ?)
    Any feature similar to this now, or can I expect in future? Thanks

  47. Kimster says:

    Love your products! So easy to use; relatively easy to troubleshoot. Just perfect!

  48. Michael says:

    Apart from anything else, I must say how good your introductory videos are. They are some of the best,
    clearest and well-thought-out I’ve ever seen. I wish some other “instructional” videos were as good.

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