How to Add AdSense to WordPress

In this tutorial, you will learn: How to verify your web site in your AdSense account. How to activate Site Authorization to prevent abuse of your AdSense code by sites that don’t belong to you. How to add automatic placement of AdSense ads for mobile and desktop visitors (called Page-level ads). How to test AdSense […]

The AdWords Bidding Strategy for Faster ROI

Hello again. Since I’ve been involved with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising using AdWords for a while now, I have written several articles on the topic from keywords to building a campaign and even the process of setting up a partner profile and AdWords MCC. My time on the Google North American AdWords Agency Support […]

How To Generate Leads Online Without Spending Money

No matter what kind of business you are in, the majority of your customers and prospects are likely to be internet users. Therefore lead generation from online sources should always be a part of your marketing and sales strategy. However, most people believe that online lead generation requires a lot of money. While this is […]

How Many Advertisements Should be Used per Page on a Website?

Many webmasters can’t resist the temptation of putting more ad units on the web page to multiply the revenue generated from advertisements. A recent survey conducted by BurstMedia where over 4,000 web users participated revealed that: Ad clutter is not tolerated by web site visitors – many web users abandon a site they believe to […]

Manage Your WordPress Web Ads Easily

If you are looking for a plugin/tool to manage all your WordPress website ads easily then read on. This is a tip for the website owners to make their “managing web ads life” easy by using a good platform/solution. WP125 Plugin The WP125 plugin offers easy management of 125×125 ads on your blog. Ads can […]