How to Add AdSense to WordPress

In this tutorial, you will learn: How to verify your web site in your AdSense account. How to activate Site Authorization to prevent abuse of your AdSense code by sites that don’t belong to you. How to add automatic placement of AdSense ads for mobile and desktop visitors (called Page-level ads). How to test AdSense […]

Generate Income from Your Content Passively with Amazon, AdSense, and Donations

As someone that generates a portion of my income passively online, by sharing content, I am always interested in different monetization approaches. I am not referring to the “get paid to” model where one is trading time for a finite amount of money. I am also not referring to selling products and trying to acquire […]

Forget CTR. Build an AdWords Campaign To Convert

This is a follow-up on the Google Adwords tutorials that we have been publishing on our blog. With this recent article, I intend to clear up some confusion surrounding the concepts around building successful AdWords campaigns. Has your marketing agency or marketing person touted how great your click through rate is and discounted the fact […]

ReMarketing and Affinity Lists for Increased Relevance and Sales

Have you ever wanted to reach potential customers who have visited your website and keep your brand in front of them and have another chance to earn their business? Yeah. We all would. This has been possible for a few years and gets easier with each passing year. If you’re confused about remarketing vs retargeting, […]

How to Select Keywords For Google AdWords

Few weeks ago I wrote an article on getting the most out of your Adwords account. In this article I will share some tips on how to select keywords for Adwords. A good place to start with search engine marketing (SEM) is the use of keywords because that is how your customers find you, right? If […]

How to Get the Most Out of Google AdWords For 2015

Some would say if you’re just now looking to best practices for 2015, then you’re behind the trend and behind your competition. But it’s better late than never. Who knows? Maybe your competitors are just as busy as you and haven’t found time to get up to speed with online marketing. I run into it […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Google AdSense

Sure, affiliate marketing is an excellent way to monetize a web site or blog. It has the amazing benefit of not requiring stock, and in many cases it’s a set and forget strategy. Often though, many affiliates, including myself, will also run Google AdSense on their web sites. Adsense is a nice alternative, or complimentary […]

Monetizing a Site Through AdSense

There is a lot of misconception about Google AdSense; many marketers see it as one of the most rudimentary ways to monetize your site. As such many markets prefer to build affiliate sites, spend an age writing sales driven content, building email lists to try and sell on the back end, but the most important […]

7 Steps to Profiting from Niche Affiliate Adsense Sites with WordPress

I’ve turned into quite a fan of Google Adsense. Here is a way that anyone can make money online without having to sell anything.  And given that selling on the internet is one of the hardest skills to master, the Adsense program provides a way for newcomers to internet marketing to make their first bit […]

Adsense Integration plugins for WordPress

Earlier, we discussed some Pay-per-click ad serving options; their features, advantages, limitations and payment policies. This time we will look into some WordPress plugins that integrates advertisement into the site. Most of them are related to Google Adsense, since it’s the most widely used advertisement program on the net. But I’ve also covered some popular […]