How to Create a Custom Post Type for Affiliate Links

Depending on the type of web site that you are creating, and the desired content structure, it’s sometimes very powerful to create custom post types with custom fields. Some of the time, you may want 100% control over the fields for your custom post type. At a minimum, you may want to keep the post […]

Generate Income from Your Content Passively with Amazon, AdSense, and Donations

As someone that generates a portion of my income passively online, by sharing content, I am always interested in different monetization approaches. I am not referring to the “get paid to” model where one is trading time for a finite amount of money. I am also not referring to selling products and trying to acquire […]

Return of the Purple Cow

Have you seen the book from Seth Godin – The Purple Cow? How can we apply that to YOUR business’ situation? You were on top of the world… and then the economy took a nose dive. You are back in the pasture with the rest of the cows. You may even have felt like you […]

3 Keywords Important to Affiliate Marketing: Responsibility, Transparency, Leverage

I have been in the affiliate marketing business for a very long time. It’s initial appeal is still just as appealing to me today. Mainly that involves the idea of “limited (or no) responsibility.” Let’s face it. There are more exciting things to do than to sit in front of a computer all day, or […]

Running a Blog to Promote Affiliate Products

Warning: the following information is for those that know that hard work generates reward, and for those that intend to provide value in the marketplace. If that’s you, there are some nuggets in here for you, dive in! There are numerous ways to generate traffic to promote affiliate products. In this article I would like […]

Why Appealing to Emotion is Good for Your Blog

Whether you like to admit it or not, most buying decision you make has some sort of an emotional basis. It’s a fact that we humans are emotional beings and in general our emotions govern almost all of the thought patterns we have and decisions we make. So it is no wonder that in the […]

Track Media Buys and Split Test a Landing Page with WP Affiliate Software

Aside from having an army of affiliates promoting my products, I also use the WP Affiliate Software plugin to track media buys and other advertising. In this article I will explain exactly how things are setup for tracking, but I also want to explain how I split test a landing page using the same software. […]

Affiliate Link Manager/Cloaker Plugin

The Affiliate Link Manager plugin allows you to automatically convert specific keywords from your blog posts and pages into your affiliate links. It also cloaks the affiliate link and gives it a prettier and shorter alias. This affiliate link cloaker plugin can also convert keywords from your sidebar widget text and comments into your affiliate […]

Can You Make Money from Affiliate Marketing? If so How?

This is a follow up article for the How do I Start a Blog and Make Money Online series that we have been publishing on this blog to help the newbie’s get started with a blog. Before I start, I would like to make one thing clear: I do not believe in easy money and there […]

WordPress Affiliate Platform Plugin – Simple Affiliate Program Management Software

It is a known fact that having an affiliate program is the most powerful way to market your products or services online (Read more on the benefits of affiliate program). If you own a WordPress blog/site and your answer to the following questions are ‘yes’ then the ‘WordPress Affiliate Platform’ is what you need: Do […]