7 Proven Ways to Create Powerful Headlines for Your Content

You’ve seen the “STOP” and “SLOW DOWN” signs on your local highways, right? Even if you’re driving at 100 kph, you read them and obediently follow the instructions. You hardly ever miss them because they’re in your face with a clear message. That’s exactly what a magnetic headline does as well. It makes your readers […]

How to Select Keywords For Google AdWords

Few weeks ago I wrote an article on getting the most out of your Adwords account. In this article I will share some tips on how to select keywords for Adwords. A good place to start with search engine marketing (SEM) is the use of keywords because that is how your customers find you, right? If […]

Blog Like You Mean It – Top 10 Ways to Write Attention-Getting Headlines & Content

Many online entrepreneurs typically blog about their niche. They write about the industry, trends affecting their audience, make new announcements and generally, provide informative content for their web site visitors. Having a blog elevates the user experience, showing your audience that you have something to offer them beyond what you’re selling. You have advice, opinions […]

Awesome Tips on Writing Headlines for Your Articles and Landing Pages

Copy-writing experts say that 5 times as many people read your headlines compared to anything else on your page. In many situations in the online realm, your headline is THE most important thing you have which you can use to convince somebody to become your customer, client or reader. The competition for attention on the […]

A Short All-You-Need Guide to Keyword Density

Whether the question is about quality on-page SEO or about the requirement of the keyword(s) in the article, keyword density does matter. From top successful bloggers to newbie bloggers, keyword density is always a topic to discuss about. If you’re not really familiar with the term at all, here’s a small definition. What Is Keyword […]

The Importance of Buttons and Strong Calls to Action

Whether you are trying to convert targeted visitors to buyers, or curious web surfers to “FREE” members, the recipe you will usually need to follow when constructing your landing page is the same: that is, you must strive to have an unambiguous and clear call to action on your web page. Some Internet Marketers like […]

Understanding the Importance of Landing and Sales Pages

Relevance is the most important factor when you are advertising on the Internet. The more relevant the keywords are to your ad text and your product or service, the more likely the ads will be to get clicked on by users who are actively searching for you and your business. The landing page is the […]

How to Write Good Article Headlines to Attract More Visitors

How important do you think well written article headlines are when it comes to blogging? Surely an article’s content is the part that counts most and headlines are just something you simply add as an afterthought when you have finished writing your article, right? In reality, if you want your blog to stand out from […]