How to Effectively Use the Color Red On Your Web Site

This article  is a continuation of the color, theme and design tips article series that I have been covering on this site. You may want to read the following two articles first (if you haven’t done so already) Color psychology and how it affects your site Color theory tips In this article I talk about designing with […]

Understanding the Importance of Landing and Sales Pages

Relevance is the most important factor when you are advertising on the Internet. The more relevant the keywords are to your ad text and your product or service, the more likely the ads will be to get clicked on by users who are actively searching for you and your business. The landing page is the […]

How to Create a Custom WordPress Page Template (Video Tutorial)

We published a tutorial on how to create a Custom Page Template in WordPress a while back. Since then we received many requests from our readers to create a video tutorial on this topic so we are following up with a video tutorial covering the basics on how to create a custom WordPress page template. […]

WordPress Lightbox Ultimate Plugin – Display Media in a Fancy Lightbox Overlay

The WordPress Lightbox Ultimate plugin allows you to embed your media files (images, videos, mp3 etc) using lightbox overlay display similar to the one shown below Click Here to See the Video in a Lightbox This plugin can be used to display images, mp3, mp4, flash, YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler videos in a lightbox popup. It […]

10 Tips to Increase Your Sales Page Conversion

If you are selling something online then you need to pay attention to the conversion rate of your sales page. The conversion rate can vary wildly and is totally unpredictable but even an one percent increase in conversion rate can make the difference between losing money or making profit. What is Conversion Rate? In online […]

How to Create and use Custom Page Template in WordPress to Create a Sales Page

I received the following question today in the forum: “For certain sales pages on my site I do not want to have the distraction of the sidebar items. Is there a way to have a second page template without a sidebar for this purpose?” Having an optimized sales/landing page does help with sales conversion and […]