What’s New in the Upcoming WordPress 3.5 Release?

The official release of WordPress version 3.5 is coming in December 2012 and we’ve had a chance to take a sneak peek and have a quick play around with the WP 3.5 beta 1 version. The WordPress developers have made something like over several hundred changes and most of them are under the hood or […]

What’s New in the Upcoming WordPress 3.3 Release?

The new and improved edition of WordPress will be version 3.3 which is due for official release in November and it contains some exciting new features and improvements. In this post we will highlight some of these changes. Cosmetic Improvements 1. Refined Admin Menu bar The admin bar has been refined but it now also […]

A Cloud With a Silk Lining & The Kindle Fire

When Amazon launched the Kindle Fire recently you could be excused if your initial thoughts were whether we really need another mobile tablet device on the market. However, when the features and capabilities were revealed it quickly became apparent that this is not just another tablet device akin to the very popular iPad or the […]

Important Things You Should Know About the Upcoming WordPress 3.2 Release

The upcoming WordPress 3.2 release has moved from beta to release candidate (RC) which means the final release is just around the corner. You can download and install the WP3.2 release candidate (RC1) and install it on your test server to test and make sure that the plugins and themes that you use are working […]

WP eMember and WordPress 3.1 Update

This is a quick update for the users of the WP eMember plugin. WordPress 3.1 has been released! A lot of new features were added in this release. It also tightened some security stuff so it is a good idea to look into upgrading to this version as soon as you can. WordPress 3.1 changed […]