Simple Table of Contents (ToC) Using Pure HTML and CSS Code

For one of my blogs, I needed a simple and clean Table of Contents (ToC) implementation that uses pure HTML and CSS only (no plugins or JavaScripts). I can then manually add the ToC into any page where I want to show it. This method has the benefit of not having to load any JS […]

WP Proper PHP Include Plugin

WordPress, by default, allows the use of HTML and JavaScript when adding/editing posts and pages in “Text” view. However, PHP execution is a different story. Sometimes you may want to execute some PHP code in your post or page and this plugin will allow you to do that. There are a few plugins that allow […]

Important Things You Should Know About the Upcoming WordPress 3.2 Release

The upcoming WordPress 3.2 release has moved from beta to release candidate (RC) which means the final release is just around the corner. You can download and install the WP3.2 release candidate (RC1) and install it on your test server to test and make sure that the plugins and themes that you use are working […]

How to Easily Import or Export any of Your WordPress Database Table Content

I get asked a lot of questions on how to import or export data to or from a particular WordPress database table on a regular basis. For example: How can I export all my products details from a particular WordPress plugin to a CSV file? How can I bulk change data in some table? How […]

Tools for the Modern PHP Developer

If you have been working in PHP for a while, may be it’s time to go pro. This article lists a number of tools and software that will improve your development practice and boost productivity. They are absolutely free and open-source! There are alternatives for most of them, so you can feel free to do […]